Annette Grove

Coordinator for the Center for New Directions

I am the Coordinator of The Center for New Directions at the College of Western Idaho. I accepted this position at CWI in January of 2016 because I enjoy working with students. I enjoy facilitating the experiences and growth that students gain while working to achieve their educational and career goals. A non-traditional student myself, I earned both my Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees from Utah State University not that long ago.

I also teach classes at Utah State University (since 2010). My favorite courses to teach are Introduction to Cultural Anthropology and Egypt and the Ancient Civilizations. I enjoy looking at the past and the present through an anthropological/archaeological lens. In the later class we discuss the importance of music. I love music. It’s been with us for tens of thousands of years. You can listen to recent evidence of this, uncovered by Archaeologists in a cave site in Slovenia: ( The haunting melodies produced by this simple bone flute tell me that for music to perdure it must be an important part of being human.  I enjoy music from many genres, although my favorite instruments are piano, violin, and guitar.

So, come share your favorite genre of music with me while we discuss your educational and career goals or find resources in the community or at CWI. I’m located in the Nampa Micron Career and Technical Education building next to Walmart, upstairs inside the administration offices, room 2122; or you contact me at: ([email protected]) or (208) 562-2150).