CWI Awarded Gold by Marketing Peers

October 27, 2016

An important element from College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) Upgrade U.0 marketing campaign has been recognized as award winning by a group of community college marketing peers. CWI received a Gold medal from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations’ (NCMPR) District 7 for its most recent Upgrade U.0 television commercials. CWI submitted three entries for the group’s annual Medallion awards, including the T.V. Ad Series category.

CWI was recognized at the annual NCMPR District 7 conference in Walla Walla, Washington in October. The College was represented at the conference by Mark Browning, Audrey Eldridge, Jessica Downing, and Zac Ricketts.

The Upgrade U.O commercials include three thirty-second ads, each with a unique persona and customized message. Comments from the judges included:

  • “Overall an appealing and eye-catching advertisement. I love this video series! I think the B-roll communicates all of the stated goals very clearly and the memorable and visual theme of "video game upgrade" is really great too. “
  • “This ad series showcased a nice variety of students with different backgrounds and goals. It was upbeat, all three were consistent in terms of branding, production, and messaging.”
  • “Many of the shots in these videos are really cool (I especially liked the student in the science class pouring blue liquid into a beaker. Cool angle!).”

Watch Upgrade U.0 Commercials

NCMPR’s District 7 includes community colleges in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Yukon Territory. CWI’s Marketing team plans to submit several Upgrade U.0 campaign elements for NCMPR’s national Paragon awards presented in the spring.