CWI Art Instructor Selected for Prestigious Show

Goran Fazil (left) was selected for the Boise Art Museum’s Idaho Triennial.
Goran Fazil (left) was selected for the Boise Art Museum’s Idaho Triennial.
November 29, 2016

College of Western Idaho (CWI) Art Faculty, Goran Fazil, was recently selected to participate in a showcase of contemporary art from around Idaho. Fazil is one of just 24 artists picked to participate in the Boise Art Museum’s (BAM) Idaho Triennial; a show that occurs just once every three years. BAM received 917 entries from 180 Idaho artists. Selections for the show were made by out-of-state juror, John D. Spiak. 

This is the second time Fazil has been included in the Idaho Triennial. This time, his work is an animated short movie titled Creation of a Nation. He explains, “The movie is split into four different sections; the first one is about migration which is the idea that all nations are created through some type of migration. The second section is about ritual and development of rituals such as prayers, symbols or national anthems. The third section is about development of heroes and leaders. The fourth and final section or chapter of this movie is about destruction and isolation. Through creating a nation we always isolate ourselves from other humans and the rest of the world.” 

The animated short movie will be projected on a three-by-four feet canvas. 

“I am very glad to have been selected for the second time for the Triennial,” says Fazil. “I am particularly happy because the work that was accepted is in a medium that I just started working on.” 

The Idaho Triennial is open to the public. The exhibit will run from Feb. 18 through July 16. Visit for more information.