Wishing Well Fund Now Accepting Applications

August 19, 2016

How would you like something special for your classroom or program, but you simply cannot afford it? The College of Western Idaho (CWI) Foundation is here to help. Applications are now being accepted for the annual Wishing Well Fund.

The fund was created to support small items and student learning opportunities that are not typically funded through department budgets. Essentially, it is intended for resources and activities that foster learning or support students but are not deemed necessary.

Last year, out of the 11 applications received, 6 were approved for funding. Dana Hoyer, the Emergency Medical Program Coordinator for CWI’s Workforce Development, received nearly $1,300 to purchase three manikins for the College’s EMS program. In order to provide students with realistic, real-world training, these manikins are priceless for the student learning process.  

“Every time we get new equipment for our program, it’s a great thing,” Hoyer said. “Having a variety of manikins gives our students priceless exposure in working on different sized people; which is something that would happen in the real world.”

The fund is supported by internal and external donors. The total amount awarded each year depends on how many donations the Foundation receives. Applications will be considered for projects of up to $1,500.

The application is currently available on myCWI. CWI faculty and staff are encouraged to apply. The deadline to submit a proposal is Friday, Sept. 9. Late submissions will not be accepted. For more information, contact the CWI Foundation Office at 208.562.3100 or email [email protected].