Tech Talk: Data Center Move Successful

March 27, 2015

College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) data center has been moved and all services were successfully migrated and tested. As a direct result of the work done by the Information Technology Department, CWI has implemented:

  • higher Internet bandwidth at the data center;
  • a second Internet provider at the data center for redundancy;
  • and a new fiber ring between the data center, Canyon County Center, and Nampa Campus.

The fiber ring significantly increases the bandwidth between those sites. Between Nampa Campus and the data center the bandwidth is 10Gbps. Between Canyon County Center, Nampa Campus, and the data center the bandwidth is 1Gbps.

In the next few weeks IT will also be significantly increasing the bandwidth available to the Nampa Campus Micron Center for Professional Technical Education.

IT has created a diagram showing how all the campus buildings connect through the CWI network. View Diagram