Strategic Planning Update

October 16, 2015

College of Western Idaho (CWI) is engaging in a Comprehensive Strategic Planning process which will help guide the future direction of the College over the next five years. The process will include participation from departments across the College as well as external partners.

The new plan will build from the 2010- 2015 Comprehensive Plan and be guided by a broad 25 year vision, focusing on the College’s position in supporting economic development in the community and innovation in education. CWI will include both internal and external stakeholders in this important process, which is critical to have a broad base of input as the College moves forward.

The planning process will be supported by Eva Klein & Associates, a national consulting practice dedicated to serving higher education. Along with Eva Klein’s own 43 year career in higher education, she also brings a talented group of consultants who will engage with the College to create an informed and dynamic plan.

The process and schedule is broken down into three phases:

  • Phase 1- Data collection, analysis and review of CWI’s Mission, Vision, and Core Themes. Work within this phase has already started.
  • Phase 2- Development of Key Master Plans.
  • Phase 3 - Unit and Division Plans which will be informed by Phases 1 and 2. 

Additionally, three Planning Sessions will be held with the consultants on CWI’s campus. The first of these sessions is scheduled for Oct. 28-30.

The College also recently established a Comprehensive Planning site on myCWI where information and documents related to the Comprehensive Plan, including a detailed schedule, we will be posted. The site can be found at myCWI > My Committees > Comprehensive College Planning Project.

The new Comprehensive Plan is a complex project and a critical process for CWI. Thank you for your participation and support.