Education and Awareness Campaign Hits Full Stride

July 22, 2016

Earlier this year, CWI launched an education and awareness campaign – Community.Workforce.Innovation with the intent to further the awareness of CWI and highlight the benefits we provide our community.

Strategies include:

  • Use of personal stories
  • Alignment of messages and data points that resonate as most important to our community
  • Engagement of partners and supporters
  • Interaction and involvement of CWI students, faculty, staff, alumni, and Board of Trustees

A variety of campaign materials and outlets are being used to help spread the message. A copy of the plan, materials, and advertising clips can be viewed on the Communications & Marketing page on myCWI.

Along with support from President Glandon and the Board of Trustees, CWI’s marketing team will be offering an information and training session during the week of In-Service.