CWI Transitioning to Career and Technical Education

October 14, 2016

With the state division of technical education’s decision to rebrand Professional Technical Education as Career and Technical Education, College of Western Idaho (CWI) is in the process of also transitioning the name of its technical education division. The move to Career and Technical Education will require updates to several systems and materials. CWI’s Marketing and Advancement Department has created a transition plan that is approved by the College’s Executive Team. A transition timeline is available to view on myCWI.

Some points worth noting:

  • Name format - the following written formats are approved to represent Career and Technical Education
    • Career & Technical Education can be used for headings and standalone instances; Career and Technical Education when used in body text (no ampersand).
    • Career and Technical Education should be spelled out in first reference. For all following mentions, it can be abbreviated to CTE.
  • Transition statement - to help bridge the gap between former and current names of technical education, a transition statement has been created for use where space allows to help clarify changes in the name. Best practices encourage the use of this transition statement for as long as a year before being removed from communication.
    • Career and Technical Education (formerly Professional Technical Education)
  • Building name – all items associated with the building name for the Nampa Campus Micron Center are still in discussion and will be addressed as part of phase II of the transition.

For any questions related to the update of materials, timing, or additional items that should be incorporated as part of this transition please contact the Marketing and Advancement Department.