Business Office Training Fall 2016 Update

October 14, 2016

The College of Western Idaho (CWI) Business Office is available as a resource to all departments to provide training and answer questions on fiscal topics, upon request. Trainings can be customized for a specific audience, topic, or time frame to meet individual department needs. Periodically, the Business Office will offer college-wide training on topics of mutual interest. Watch for upcoming announcements on training sessions for the following topics:

  • Events management
  • Travel
  • Service contracts and agreements

Training on the topics listed below are available at any time. Please contact the presenter to make arrangements. Presentations can be geared to staff in departmental or management roles, depending on the audience. If there is a topic of interest that is not included on the list below, please contact Brian Smith and the Business Office team will develop something for you.  


Presenter: Brian D. Smith - [email protected]

Topics: General Ledger Structure, Chart of Accounts, MyCWI, Gift/Prize/Award Form, Funds Transfer Form, Donations, Unrelated Business Income Tax, Invoicing, Cash Handling, Payroll, Project Accounting, Accruals and Prepaid Expenses, and Financial Statement Review

Accounts Payable:

Presenter: Renee Watson - [email protected]

Topics: Accounts Payable Processes; Travel; Events; Prior Approval and Expense Forms for Travel, Meals, and Gifts; Fuel Pins; Interdepartmental Charges


Presenter: Phil Varrick - [email protected] or Dave Sorensen - [email protected]

Topics: CWI Budget Process, Completing a Budget, Budget Transfers and Adjustments, MyCWI Budget Access, Using MyCWI, and Budget Management

Contracts and Formal Procurement

Presenter: Janet Gonzalez [email protected]

Topics: Types of Contracts, Pertinent Clauses, Signature Authority, Contract Management, Contract Submittal, Procurement Options, and Ethics in Purchasing; Usage of Statewide and Cooperative Contracts; Service Contracts

Procurement and Fixed Assets:

Presenter: Shari Davis - [email protected]

Topics: Purchase Order Processes – Initiating a Purchase Order, Purchasing Policies and Constraints, Signature and Bidding Requirements, and Purchase Order Management

Fixed Assets – Asset Acquisition Processes, Inventory Processes, Disposal Options and Procedures, and Policy and Legal Constraints


Presenter: Susan Kodesh - [email protected]

Topics: Getting Started, Accessing US Bank, Purchasing and Card Usage, Documentation, Monthly Processing, and P-card Approval and Management Processes