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Photo credit: Boise City Department of Arts & History

April VanDeGrift is the subject of a blog recently shared by the Boise City Department of Arts & History.

CWI has launched a revamped News and Blogs web page with featured stories, better search capabilities, and more visibility to blogs.

CWI's Manager for Assessment, Testing, and Career Services Sam Galan speaks at the National College Testing Association Conference.

Sam Galan and Colin Perry represented CWI at the 2016 National College Testing Association Conference in Seattle.

CWI celebrated a milestone on July 26 as the first graduates from its Law Enforcement program were honored with a ceremony.

Hundreds of area high school students take advantage of the College of Western Idaho’s dual credit courses, and their numbers are rapidly increasing.

The classes allow students, for a fee, to earn college-level credit while they are still in high school.

Advance placement...

Once the holiday shopping madness subsides and your insatiable need to purchase the latest gadgets, trinkets and Christmas sweaters for your loved ones has passed, you may find yourself taking that inevitable look at your personal finances and analyzing your short-and long-term term investing...


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