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In 2015, CWI had over 8,000 people enrolled in Workforce Development programs, such as EMT, Medical Assistant and Paramedic programs.

CWI’s primary goal is to ensure students receive the skills and career training they need to be workforce ready. In addition, local businesses have access to continuing education for their employees as industries evolve. A strong workforce results in a strong business environment and economic prosperity.

Workforce News and Blogs

On Sept. 6, CWI's Board of Trustees voted in favor of placing a $180 million general obligation bond on the November 2016 ballot.

Jose Nava Career Success photo

“I started working in the fields when I was 15. I was tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck and wanted out of that slump. I decided to go to college 20 years after I graduated from high school. While working toward my accounting degree, I received an assignment that changed my life. I...

Ken Silvers Hands-On Learning

“I always wanted to be in the medical field. I went into the Army after graduating from high school specifically for the college benefits, but then life happened. When I finally decided to go back to school, I took advantage of everything I could to get readjusted to being a student. I...

Karee Wilson In Demand Workforce

“At 16, I became a single teenage mother. I fought for years to overcome the hardships that came with my choices, and I was eager to become anything but the statistic I was destined to become. It’s important to have a college degree. I always wanted to be a nurse, so I chose CWI...

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