Planning, Statistics, and Reports

The College of Western Idaho (CWI) is committed to engaging in ongoing, purposeful, systematic, integrated, and comprehensive planning that leads to fulfillment of its mission. In addition to annual trustee-required planning and departmental annual planning, CWI complies with Idaho Statute 67-1903, each year by submitting a multi-year comprehensive strategic plan to the Idaho State Board of Education.


    The College of Western Idaho realizes that one of the most important aspects of developing and delivering quality education is strategic planning.

    Planning provides the framework for informed decision making and allows the College to set priorities and focus on what is important. CWI is dedicated to quality improvement and effective planning. Every department and unit of the College is involved in planning. The strategic planning approach used by the institution requires all units to identify goals and objectives, which are incorporated into an institutional planning document. This bottom-up approach encourages in-depth involvement of the college community, leading to greater cross-unit knowledge, improved sharing of information, and increased cooperation between units. All plans are reviewed through the President’s Cabinet and College Council to ensure alignment with the Board’s strategies and mission fulfillment. The Comprehensive Strategic Plan is fundamental to the effective and efficient management of CWI.  Through this plan, CWI departments are held accountable for meeting performance outcomes that are grounded in the public’s expectations.

    The development of the planning documents below has been possible because of the enthusiastic participation by the people of the College of Western Idaho. All of these documents are considered living documents that are continually monitored, reviewed, updated and changed as circumstances dictate.


    Strategic Planning Process