Planning and Reports

The College of Western Idaho (CWI) is committed to engaging in ongoing, purposeful, systematic, integrated, and comprehensive planning and reporting that leads to fulfillment of its mission. In addition to annual trustee-required planning and departmental annual planning, CWI complies with Idaho Statute 67-1903, each year by submitting a multi-year comprehensive strategic plan to the Idaho State Board of Education.

CWI is dedicated to effective planning, on-going reporting, and quality improvement that supports informed decision making. The College’s strategic planning approach involves in-depth involvement of every department establishing goals and objectives that support CWI’s Mission and Vision. This planning process is fundamental for meeting performance outcomes that are grounded in the public’s expectations. All of these documents are considered living documents that are continually monitored, reviewed, updated, and changed as circumstances dictate.

Strategic Plans

CWI is currently in the process of revising its Comprehensive Plans.  The revised plan includes efforts involving valley-wide demographics and population research, labor market analysis, educational gap analysis, and alignment of institutional planning efforts.  As the work continues, new master planning documents will be created in the areas of Education, Finance, Facilities, and Information Technology, as well as updating processes related to Accreditation and State Board of Education planning.