Election Information

Trustee Elections November 8th, Please Vote!

Remember, this is a community college district-wide election, All registered voters in Ada and Canyon counties vote for candidates in all three zones.

Board of Trustee Information

The Board of Trustees for CWI consists of five volunteer members elected at large from the community college district for terms of four years. The college district is comprised of all of Ada and Canyon Counties. After the creation of the community college district in 2007, the first election was held and five Trustees were elected; two for terms of two years and three for terms of four years. Since the original elections, all the terms of the Trustees are for four years. 

Voter Information

Governor Otter signed House Bill 512 into law early in 2016 which establishes five (5) “zones” for the CWI district. CWI worked with Ada and Canyon Counties to ensure each zone has approximately the same amount of residents in each so there is equal representation throughout Ada and Canyon County. To be a candidate for the Board of Trustees, candidates must live in one of the zones up for election.  Trustees will still be elected on a district-wide basis by the voters of Ada and Canyon counties. There are three Trustee seats up for election in 2016: Zone 1, Zone 3 and Zone 5. 

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CWI Trustee Zones with Precincts

Candidate Information

 The candidates who have filed for CWI Trustee Zones 1, 3 and 5 are:

Name Address Email Phone Zone
C.A. "Skip" Smyser 26298 Lee Lane, Parma skipsmyser@lobbyidaho.com 208-342-0777 1
Mary "M.C." Niland 423 Creekside Place, Nampa mcniland@witcoinc.net 208-989-8621 3
Mark Dunham 3265 W Agate Court, Boise mdunham@cableone.net 208-871-8884 5


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