What is Tech Prep?

    High School students can earn college credit for the professional technical training while in high school. Take a class that counts for both high school and college graduation credits. Credits earned in high school can apply towards College of Western Idaho (CWI) professional technical certificates, an associate degree and /or a bachelor’s degree with partnering institutions. Students that earn college credit while in high school have higher college completion rate.

    What You Need to Know:

    • All students must be registered in the Tech Prep CATEMA system in order to register for dual enrollment.
    • Students must receive a B or better and/or meet the 80 percent of the competencies.
    • Students will receive a letter informing them about their student ID number and the billing process for CWI.
    • Teachers will grade and give credit recommendation on CATEMA at the end of grading period.
    • Grades will be transcripted from CATEMA recommendations.
    • Transcripts can be obtained after grades are posted on CATEMA through the students new CWI account – MyCWI (letters will be sent to the student)(these will be available mid to end of June).
    • No refunds will be given if the student does not receive an A or B on their purchased credits.
    • Tech Prep Dual Enrollment credit must be purchased while the student is in High School, therefore a student who has not purchased their credits can do so during the enrollment period prior to their graduation as long as they have met the requirements for Tech Prep dual enrollment.