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Orientation, Advising, Registration (OAR)

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Orientation, Advising, Registration

Orientation, Advising, Registration (OAR) Sessions are designed to provide you with the tools needed to be successful at CWI. Sessions are mandatory for new degree seeking students and must be completed prior to registering for classes. OAR sessions include:

  • Advising and degree planning
  • Information on financial aid and payments
  • An introduction to CWI online tools including myCWI, Blackboard, and email

Once you are accepted to CWI you will need to complete an OAR session prior to registration.  

    In Person

    OAR Event Registration - Reserve your seat

    Attend in person if you...

    • prefer to ask questions in person
    • require direct access to a professional academic advisor
    • want to leave the event with a class schedule

    The in person OAR format is ideal for students who both want and need in person advising assistance for planning and choosing classes, and navigating our CWI systems (Blackboard, myCWI, and CWI email). In addition, student accounts staff will be available to discuss payment options.

    Once you have RSVP'd for an OAR session, please refer to your confirmation email for direction on canceling or rescheduling. OAR sessions are offered at multiple locations, for a complete listing , visit; Locations and Maps.

    Still have questions after completion of an in person OAR?

    • Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor by call 208.562.3000
    • Complete the online OAR session, it is always available in Blackboard


    Complete the online version if you...

    • have previously attended college
    • already have a degree plan
    • do not need access to a professional academic advisor
    • unable to attend in person
    • need a review - online OAR session are always available

    The online OAR version is ideal for students with previous college experience who have a clear understanding about the courses they wish to register for and have strong computer literacy skills. The crucial difference between the online OAR and an in person OAR is the availability of advisors. The in-person OAR sessions are staffed by CWI’s professional advisors who are equipped to answer your questions and available to help you plan your degree. If you feel you will need additional help, please attend an in person OAR instead of completing the online OAR. If you cannot attend an in person OAR, call 208.562.3000 after completing the online OAR to schedule an appointment for academic advising. Planning your degree will take at least 45 minutes, so make an appointment verses coming in during open advising.

    To complete online

    • Reset your password by visiting logonhelp.cwidaho.cc prior to using your student account.
      • You will need your student account username, which is provided in your admissions letter.
      • Next locate your temporary password, [first initial, capitalized][last initial, capitalized]logon[last four digits of Social Security Number] and prepare to change it.
        For example, a user with the name of John Smith and a Social Security Number of 123-45-6789 will have a username of johnsmith and a default password of JSlogon6789.
    • Online OAR sessions may be accessed on Blackboard.
      • Login to Blackboard using your student account username and new password.
      • Visit My Courses and click Online OAR to get started.