Who pays the Out-of-District fees?

Idaho counties without a community college district may pay the student’s Out-of-District fees.  The Out-of-District counties will pay $50 per credit up to a $500 maximum per semester for a 2 semester year for a full-time student, up to a maximum of $3,000 lifetime liability.   Out-of-District fees are charged in the Fall and Spring semesters.  Out-of-District fees are only paid by the student’s county if the county can verify that his/her permanent residence is located within its boundaries.  If the county can verify the student’s residence, he/she is responsible for paying only the In-District tuition and fees plus the balance, if any, of the Out-of-District fees that exceed the maximum per semester county liability ($500).  If verification is not received from the student’s county of residence he/she is responsible for In-District tuition and fees and the Out-of-District fees.