What can I do if I feel that I should not be an Out-of-District student or if my permanent residence county has changed to an In-District county?

If you feel that you should not be an Out-of-District student, you can submit a Residency Redetermination form with the required documentation to get your residency status changed. 

Residency Redetermination Form

You must meet the In-District residency requirement in order for you residency redetermination to be approved.  These requirements include: 1) Your permanent residence must be located within the boundaries of Ada, Canyon, Jerome, Twin Falls, or Kootenai counties.  2) You must have documentation proving that you have lived within the In-District county for at least 12 months prior to the start of the semester.  All documentation used to prove residency must have your name, your permanent Idaho Address, and a date that is at least 12 months before the start of the semester.  Acceptable documents include but are not limited to, an Idaho driver’s license, a copy of a utility bill, Idaho State Tax return for the previous tax year, a copy of a lease, etc.  Other documents can be accepted as long as they met the 3 documentation requirements: 1) your name 2) your Idaho Address 3) dated at least 12 month prior to the start of the semester.