How do waitlists work?

When a class becomes full, a waitlist is created. As a student attempts to register for the full class, he/she is instead offered an opportunity to waitlist. The waitlist keeps track of a student in the order – first come, first-served – that he/she chose the waitlist option. 
When a seat in a section opens (either from students dropping or by the capacity being increased) the first student on the waitlist is offered a seat and given permission to register. If multiple seats open at the same time, a matching number of students from the waitlist will be notified. 
A student who is offered a seat is given permission to register and is notified of the open seat by CWI email account. The student has 48 hours to login to myCWI and officially register for the course (weekends included). The student must register before his/her offer expires and before waitlist processing ends - whichever comes first. If a student fails to register within this time frame, he/she will be dropped from the waitlist and the next student on the waitlist will be offered the available seat. 
Note: This is not official enrollment; it places a student on the waitlist, indicating a desire to enroll.