Registration FAQs

What is a section waitlist?
A waitlist is a list of students interested in a section that is full who want an opportunity to register when and if a seat becomes available.
How do waitlists work?
When a class becomes full, a waitlist is created. As a student attempts to register for the full class, he/she is instead offered an opportunity to waitlist. The waitlist keeps track of a student in the order – first come, first-served – that he/she chose the waitlist option....
How do students join or leave a section waitlist?

A student is given the opportunity to join a waitlist when he/she attempts to register for a full section with available waitlist capacity. In order for the student to officially waitlist for the class, he/she must select the waitlist option from the drop-down and click the submit button to...

Can a student add to more than one waitlist?

A student can add to more than one waitlist for different courses, but not for different sections of the same course, i.e. ENGL 101.

How can a student monitor his/her waitlist position?

A student can see the number of students on the waitlist and his/her position on the waitlist using “Manage My Waitlist” on myCWI....

Are holds, prerequisites, and other registration restrictions, checked before joining a waitlist?
All registration holds and restrictions are checked prior to allowing a student to join a waitlist. The option to waitlist will not be available for students with any type of registration hold or restriction.
All registration requirements are checked three times:...
What will prevent a student from waitlisting for a course?
Because all registration requirements are enforced, the option to waitlist will not work for:
  • A student who has any type of registration hold/restriction – i.e. business office hold, academic suspension, etc.
  • A student who is missing registration requirements
  • ...
How long does a student have to add the class when a seat becomes available?

Once a seat becomes available, a student has 48 hours to add the class. The notification email shows the expiration date and time of the permission to register.