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Dental Assisting - CTE Program

What is the cost of the program?

Approximately $6,500.00 for two semesters and summer session tuition, two semesters books $500, and $1,000 supplies (In-District Idaho Residents only).

What Kind of Degree(s) Can I Earn in Dental Assisting?

A Technical Certificate (TC) in Dental Assisting requires you to complete dental and general education courses in three semesters (approximately 11 months). Please see the Dental...


After submitting my application, how do I know if it was received?

After you hit the "submit" button a message will appear to let you know if your application was processed. Early submission is recommended....

Can I apply for a CWI scholarship if I am working toward a certificate and not a degree?

Yes. Applicants may be seeking either a degree or certificate unless otherwise noted in the scholarship criteria.

Can I apply for CWI scholarships if I am participating in a Workforce Development apprenticeship program?

Yes. There are several CWI scholarships directed to students in Workforce Development apprenticeships programs. The scholarship application questionnaire will ask specific questions regarding your program of study to identify your eligibility for these scholarships. ...

Can I be awarded more than one scholarship per semester?

Yes, though multiple awards are not typical. The scholarship committee will usually try to assist as many students as possible. Some donors may request that their scholarship not be awarded to a student receiving other scholarship assistance.

Does the amount I receive in scholarships affect my eligibility for financial aid?

Yes. Scholarships are applied directly to your student account through One Stop Student Services. Your unmet need will be recalculated and, if necessary, your aid package will be adjusted. In most cases, any adjustment will only affect that amount of student loans borrowed.