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Student Accounts & Access

Where can I get technical help?

Visit the online help desk for help with access, wireless, Blackboard, myCWI, e-mail, computer labs and more or call 208.562.3444.

Student Disability Services

What kind of documentation is required to receive accommodations?

Current documentation from a qualified medical or psychological professional is required in most cases. Documentation should be current and be in the form of medical records &/or psychological test reports, and include diagnosis, prognosis, and recommended accommodations. Notes on Prescription pads are not acceptable. Please visit Disability Services for more information.

What types of accommodations are typically provided?

If a student qualifies for accommodations, the student may receive assistive technologies, enlarged type, note-takers in class, extended test time, permission to tape lectures, priority seating, texts on tape, certified ASL interpreters, etc.

When is the best time to request services?

In order to maximize the effectiveness of accommodations, it is recommended individuals apply for ADA services 6-8 weeks prior to needing them. Some accommodations take 4-6 weeks to accomplish. Students who may qualify are encouraged to contact Student Enrichment prior to or upon enrollment at CWI.


Can I have food or drink in the library?

Yes, food and drinks are welcome in the Library.

Can I make copies in the library?

One black and white photocopier is available in the Library. Copies can be made at $.10 per page.

Library users are responsible for adhering to the provisions of state and federal copyright laws and regulations. Illegal or unauthorized access, display, performance, reproduction, duplication, distribution or modification of copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. The person using the computer or photocopier is liable for any infringement. 

Can I print in the library?

The Library has one black and white printer. We provide free printing for students, faculty, and staff. Patrons are requested to avoid printing overly long or unnecessary documents.

Can I put an item on reserve for my class?

Faculty and staff may place personal, departmental, or library items in the Reserve Collection for use by students in a designated course. The Library cannot be held responsible for loss of or damage to personal items placed upon reserve. 

Materials to be placed on reserve should be accompanied by the following information:

  • Course title
  • Instructor
  • Loan length. This may range from 2-hour library use only to one or more weeks.
  • Length of time the item should remain on Reserve. Faculty may indicate when they would like the items returned or if they would like them left on Reserve for the entire semester.
  • If there are restrictions concerning student access to the item, a list of students must be provided at the time the item is placed on Reserve.
Can I request a book that is checked out?

Holds may be placed on books that are currently not available. Books may only be renewed once if a hold has been placed on it. Holds can be placed in person, by phone (208-562-3115), via email, or online by using the CWI Library catalog. Holds placed via email should be sent to library@cwidaho.cc and should include the following information:

  • Patron's full name
  • CWI ID number
  • Contact information where patron can be reached when item is ready
  • Title and author of the item to be placed on hold

Holds may be placed on videos or items in the Reserve Collection by faculty or staff of the college, or a student when needed for a class presentation.

Can I request things for the library to buy?

Absolutely! Materials requests are received in two categories: Items requested via Interlibrary Loan for borrowing from other libraries, and Purchase Requests, items that patrons suggest for addition to the library collection. In either case, items requested by CWI faculty, staff, and students will be prioritized for addition to the collection.

Fill out our online request form.

Can I use my cell phone in the library?

As many students value a quiet library, we requests that patrons set phones on silent mode and leave the Library to receive or make calls.

Can I use the library from home?

The majority of the library’s collection, including all databases and ebooks, and library account information is available online. Off-campus access to online resources is available to all CWI students, faculty, and staff 

Does the library charge fines if my book is late?

The Library does not charge fines for late items. However, when materials are overdue the Library follows this procedure:

  • When the item is three business days overdue, the first of a series of three automated overdue notices will be emailed to the patron’s email account.
  • When the item is one month overdue, a billing notice will be emailed indicating (where applicable) that the patron’s grades will be held until the item is returned or paid for.
  • When the item is forty-one business days overdue it is assumed to be lost and a bill for the replacement cost of each lost item plus a $25 processing fee per item will be sent to the patron. In addition, the patron’s library privileges will be suspended.
  • If the item is not returned nor the fee paid, a letter of intent will be mailed to the patron informing them that their account will be turned over to a collection agency if the item is not returned by a specified date (usually two weeks).
  • After the deadline has passed, the patron’s account will be turned over to Action Collection Services. At this point the patron’s original fines will be increased by 33% and their library account and CWI Student Account (where applicable) will remain frozen until materials are returned and/or all fees are paid in full.
Does the library ever get rid of things?

Weeding, the permanent removal of materials from the library’s holdings, is an important part of the overall collection development process. Building a viable collection of materials to serve the college community is a dynamic process that includes regular assessment and removal of materials that are obsolete, damaged beyond repair, or no longer relevant to the curriculum.

Library staff will review the library collection at least every 5 years to identify materials that no longer contribute to the collection. In addition, faculty members are encouraged to review library holdings in their subject areas to identify items which should be withdrawn and bring such materials to the attention of the Director of Library Services.

Guidelines for Deselection

The following categories of materials will be considered for weeding from the collection.

  • Poorly circulated materials
  • Outdated materials
  • Superseded editions
  • Excessively worn or damaged materials (Items in poor condition, but still valuable in terms of intellectual content, will be considered for repair or replacement.)
  • Multiple copies of monographs which are no longer needed to support the curriculum
  • Whenever possible, monographs initially chosen for discard will be checked against standard bibliographies (e.g., Books for College Libraries) before being discarded.
Does the library have a wheelchair-accessible computer?

Yes, CWI Library has one electric lift wheelchair-accessible computer station. There is a switch in the front of the station that students can use to raise the table as needed. Students in wheelchairs always have priority on the use of electric lift station, though others are welcome to use the station at other times.