Is The Consortium Program Accredited?

No. The consortium program has not been granted Candidacy for Accreditation, the first step in the process of accreditation. Here are important points regarding program Candidacy:

  • Candidacy grants a program the ability to start. Students cannot be accepted into, or take classes in a new program until Candidacy is granted.
  • A great deal of effort is going into the achievement of Candidacy and a decision regarding this will be made no later than early December 2013.
  • If Candidacy is granted in early December 2013, PTA program classes will start in the spring semester, January 2014. Only students who have been accepted into the program will be allowed to take PTA courses.
  • The PTA consortium program and the colleges represented make no guarantee, expressed or implied that Candidacy will be achieved.  Rest assured that every effort is being made to achieve this first step.