Physical Therapist Assistant - CTE Program FAQs

Are Observation Or Work Hours Required For Admission?

There is a requirement for observation of physical therapy or work experience in and/or around physical therapy. Students who have never been exposed to

Is The Consortium Program Accredited?

No. The consortium program has not been granted Candidacy for Accreditation, the first step in the process of accreditation. Here are important points regarding program Candidacy:

  • Candidacy grants a program the ability to start. Students cannot be accepted into, or take
  • ...
Who Is A Physical Therapist Assistant?

A physical therapist assistant (PTA) is a health care provider who works under the supervision of a physical therapist (PT). They do hands-on care for people who need to recover from injuries to the bones and joints, brain and nerves, problems with pain, developmental complications, and other...

How Does PTA Education Differ From PT Education?

It is important to understand that achieving a physical therapist assistant A.A.S. degree does not prepare students to become physical therapists. These are two separate careers and the degree requirements are not the same.

The physical therapist degree is now rapidly becoming a...

What Is The Demand For PTAs? What Will I Earn When I’m Done?

As with all professions, health care worker demand goes up and down. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states, however that the PTA profession is to, “…increase much faster than average…” and that job prospects are, “…very good.” The median wage...

Where Does A PTA Work?

PTAs usually work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, skilled nursing facilities, schools, home health – actually, anywhere that physical therapists work. They only work with physical therapists – this is exclusive and required by professional ethics, codes of...

What Degree Will I Earn?

Once the PTA program is accredited, students will earn the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree. The degree will allow graduates to sit for the state board examination and become licensed to practice.

Is There Licensure For PTAs In Idaho?

Yes. In order to receive a license to practice, an individual must graduate from an accredited PTA program and pass the State license examination.