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Surgical Technology - CTE Program

What prerequisite courses are required?

The Surgical Technology Program at CWI requires the following prerequisites and encourages completion of the following co-requisites:...

What will I need for clinical assignments?

You will need proof of updated immunizations, CPR certification, and a Criminal History Background Check. Once you have been accepted into the Surgical Technology Program you will receive instructions on submitting your request for a Background Check. Confirmation of the request for a...

When is the application deadline for consideration of a Fall Semester admission?

Applications for the Surgical Technology Program will be posted on our website after January 1. The deadline for application will be March 15.

Why are these courses required for Surgical Technology?

Many Science-based degrees have foundational education requirements built into their programs for several reasons, including the need for a well-rounded education and a fundamental understanding of health sciences.

Why do I need a Background Check?

Clinical experience within health care facilities is an invaluable part of your nursing education. To ensure the safety and well-being of clients, health care facilities require that each student complete a Background Check. Results...

Nursing (Professional) - RN Program

Are Reference Forms still required for the AS in Nursing Application?

No - reference forms are no longer required for the nursing application.


Can I obtain additional points on the application for current medical certifications?

Yes - you can obtain additional points on the application for specific and current medical certifications.  Please refer to the AS in Nursing Application to find out which medical certifications are accepted and their corresponding points. 


Can I still work while in the program?

Students have found it difficult to work full time while attending the program. This is a personal choice and is encouraged to be looked at carefully, especially in the final semester.