International Students FAQs

What do I need to get an I-20?

You must be at least 18 years old and be an admitted student to the College of Western Idaho. Admittance is achieved by filling out all necessary forms and turning in all of the required documentation. These include Application for Undergraduate Admission, official High School and/or College...

How do I get my I-20?

Once you have been admitted as a CWI student and have submitted the International Student Questionnaire, International Student Financial Documentation and, the International Student Transfer Form (if needed).

Why do I need to submit these forms?

Per federal regulations, you must submit all of the forms mentioned so that CWI can verify your identity and that you have the financial means to pay for your classes.

What information do the forms ask for?

The forms ask for your personal information (name, birth date, country of birth and citizenship, native language, and academic plans at CWI) financial support information (how you will pay for the classes) and some additional information regarding your sponsor and dependents-people relying...

How do I fill these forms out?

The forms explain how to fill out most of the questions. If you have any questions you can visit, call, or email a CWI One-Stop representative for additional information.

Where is my I-20?

An I-20 can be issued as soon as 24 hours after you have been accepted as a student.

How long will it take to get my I-20?

The I-20 can take up to 4 weeks to be processed and issued. Depending on how long the admissions process takes. Upon being admitted your I-20 will be processed.

When can I pick up my I-20?

You should let the Designated School Official know if you want to pick up your I-20 or have it mailed to you. If you are outside the U.S., it will take longer to receive.