What services does the CWI Foundation provide to scholarship donors?

Annual report from the Scholarship Coordinator notifying you of the recipient(s) of your scholarship each academic year.

All recipients are required to write thank you letters which are forwarded by the CWI Foundation to their donor(s).

Invitation to the annual scholarship reception where donors and recipients will have the opportunity to meet and form a relationship.

For endowed funds, all donors receive an annual endowment report on the financial status of their fund. In addition, there is peace of mind that the fund will provide perpetual support for students according to the intended purpose.

All scholarships are advertised on the CWI Scholarship website.

Opportunities to engage with CWI and CWI Foundation leadership and staff through various activities and events.

All scholarship gifts are tax deductible through the CWI Foundation

There is no greater gift than the opportunity for a student to pursue their dreams though higher education.