Foundation Scholarship Application

FAQ - Foundation Scholarship Application

Foundation Scholarship Application

My scholarship award notification mentions the requirement for a Thank You note before my scholarship funds are disbursed. Why?

It is important that scholarship recipients acknowledge scholarship awards with a thank you note to the donor or organization that made the award possible. Thank You notes can be uploaded via the CWI online scholarship application, mailed to the Office for Institutional Advancement or emailed to This is a requirement.

Scholarship recipients who do not complete a Thank You note will not receive their scholarship funding. Please contact the Scholarship Coordinator at if you need any assistance with completing this requirement.

I applied for a scholarship that I was eligible for but received a denial letter. Can I appeal this decision?

No. The decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final. Scholarship funds are limited and the applicant pool is competitive. Please reapply for scholarships next year.

I have selected 'apply now' on all of my eligible scholarships. When will I be notified of the status of my application?

The priority scholarship application deadline is March 17 . After that date, scholarships will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. The goal is to have the award notifications delivered to students before May 15. Applications received after May 15 will be reviewed based on the availability of funding during a second awarding session in September.

I completed the scholarship application and it did not result in any recommended scholarships. Why?

The scholarship application and questionnaire are designed to identify students who qualify for certain scholarships. If your application resulted in no recommended scholarships then you do not qualify for any of the currently available scholarships.

Please review the list of available scholarships on the CWI web page. If you find a scholarship for which you think you should have qualified please contact the Scholarship Coordinator by email: Otherwise, please apply next year as other scholarships will become available in the future.

I am not sure what to do on the 'Attach Documents' page.

This page is optional. Students can attach additional documents that they would like to have considered by the scholarship committee. This is not required. Student transcripts will be reviewed directly from the student's record and do not need to be uploaded. You can simply select 'Save and Continue' to move to the next section of the scholarship application.

I do not want to submit the optional, free form essay question. Will I still be considered for a scholarship?

Yes. The free form essay question is optional. It is available for students that wish to submit additional information for the consideration of the scholarship committee. It is not required, but you need to at least enter N/A before moving to the next page of the application.

What is my grade status?

Grade status is based on the number of college or university credits completed.

  • High school seniors or recent graduates should select 'high school'
  • Freshman have completed 0-24 credits
  • Sophomores have completed 25-64 credits
How do I know if I have been admitted to CWI?

Admitted students have an assigned student ID. If you have applied for admission and do not yet have a student ID you have not been admitted. Please wait for your student ID to be assigned before completing the online scholarship application.

My major area of study is not listed, why?

The 'major area of study or program' selections are the same as those listed in the CWI catalog. The list of available majors is based on your choice for the field 'Exp. Degree'. Please verify the correct response to 'Exp. Degree' in order to have the appropriate choice appear in the 'Major area of study or program' field.

I am transferring from another college but I didn't graduate. The transfer college graduation date is required, what should I do?

Please enter 00/0000 for your Transferring College graduation date. Do not leave this field blank.

I am a new student at CWI and I do not have a GPA yet and it is a required field. What should I do?

Please enter 0.0 in the GPA field if you do not yet have a GPA at CWI. Your high school or previous college GPA will be used to evaluate your eligibility for scholarships.

I do not know my high school or transfer college GPA. What should I do?

Many scholarships have GPA criteria. Please be as accurate as possible when entering your GPA; however, your GPA will be verified against your academic records by the Scholarship Committee.

My high school is not listed. Do I still qualify for a scholarship?

The online scholarship application only lists the high schools that are specifically mentioned as criteria for receiving a scholarship. If your high school is not listed please select 'Other high school not listed'. Students not attending those high schools will still be considered for other scholarships according to the designated criteria.

I do not want to release my student records to anyone outside of the Registrar's Office. Will I still be considered for a scholarship?

No. The Scholarship Committee is required to verify student eligibility when awarding scholarships. They cannot accurately complete this task without access to student academic records.

There are several questions on the online scholarship application that refer to PTE programs. I am enrolled in an Associate of Science (AS) or Associates of Arts (AA) degree. Do I still qualify for scholarships?

Yes. There are scholarships available for students enrolled in AA and AS degrees. Please select 'I am not enrolled in a PTE program' and you will be considered for those scholarships.