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Dental Assisting - PTE Program


After submitting my application, how do I know if it was received?

After you hit the "submit" button a message will appear to let you know if your application was processed. Early submission is recommended.

Can I apply for a CWI scholarship if I am working toward a certificate and not a degree?

Yes. Applicants may be seeking either a degree or certificate unless otherwise noted in the scholarship criteria.

Can I apply for CWI scholarships if I am participating in a Workforce Development apprenticeship program?

Yes. There are several CWI scholarships directed to students in Workforce Development apprenticeships programs. The scholarship application questionnaire will ask specific questions regarding your program of study to identify your eligibility for these scholarships. 

Can I be awarded more than one scholarship per semester?

Yes, though multiple awards are not typical. The scholarship committee will usually try to assist as many students as possible. Some donors may request that their scholarship not be awarded to a student receiving other scholarship assistance.

Does the amount I receive in scholarships affect my eligibility for financial aid?

Yes. Scholarships are applied directly to your student account through One Stop Student Services. Your unmet need will be recalculated and, if necessary, your aid package will be adjusted. In most cases, any adjustment will only affect that amount of student loans borrowed.

How are scholarship recipients selected?

Applications are reviewed and scored by a committee. All decisions are final.

How do I know if I have been admitted to CWI?

Admitted students have an assigned student ID. If you have applied for admission and do not yet have a student ID you have not been admitted. Please wait for your student ID to be assigned before completing the online scholarship application.

How will I know if I've been awarded a scholarship?

The selection process will take approximately six weeks. Award recipients will be notified by email to the account you listed on your application. 

I am already receiving financial aid and/or another non-CWI scholarship. Can I still apply for a scholarship?

Yes. You can and should apply for both financial aid and scholarships. If you are awarded a CWI scholarship, One Stop Student Services will be notified and any adjustments to your current financial aid package will be made accordingly. In most cases, any adjustments result in a reduced amount of student loans borrowed.

I am enrolled at both CWI and another institution of higher education. Am I a dual credit student?

No. 'Dual Credit' on the scholarship application refers to high school students taking college credits while in high school.

I am enrolled in a Professional Technical Education (PTE) program but it is not listed. Do I still qualify for a scholarship?

Yes, there are several scholarships available for ANY PTE program. Please select 'My program is not listed' and you will be considered for those general PTE scholarships.

I am not an honor student, will I still be considered for a scholarship?

Yes. Many CWI scholarships do not require a specific grade point average (GPA). However, it's important to remember that all scholarships are competitive. CWI has established a universal requirement that all applicants who are currently enrolled at CWI must meet or exceed CWI academic requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress. (See CWI Catalog or Student Handbook for more information).

I am not sure what to do on the 'Supplemental Questions' page.

This page is where you would complete your essay for that particular scholarship to be read and scored by the scholarship committee. This will need to be completed in order to fulfill the requirements for that particular scholarship. 

I am professionally licensed in real estate or have another professional certification that is required for providing a professional service. Does this disqualify me from receiving a scholarship?

This question specifically relates to one scholarship. Students that have prior degrees or professional certifications will be ineligible for one type of scholarship but still be considered for other CWI scholarships.