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Future Students

What if I am undecided and don’t know what area of study to choose?

CWI MyPlan.com can help and is a new online tool for CWI students. Students can review their skills, interests and values, identify majors & career fields as well as research other colleges/universities! If you would like to take the free...

What is One Stop Student Services?

One Stop Student Services is the easiest way to get answers and information about the College of Western Idaho (CWI). Students can apply, register for classes, review grades, accept financial aid awards, view and pay bills, and much more, all at one convenient location....

What kinds of programs and degrees are offered at CWI?

From Information Technology to Elementary Education, CWI offers a wide-variety of lower division transfer / general education courses &...

When can I apply to CWI?

CWI accepts applications at any time, but special deadlines apply for health programs and some professional technical programs have certain semester only start times. View the steps to apply for more detailed information.


How do I completely withdraw from all my classes?

Submit the Complete Withdrawal form to One Stop Student Services in person with photo ID by the 12th week of the semester (fall/spring).  See Academic Calendar for exact dates....


Where can I get a catalog?

At One Stop Student Services.

Help Desk - Email

What is my email address?

Your email address is your username, appended by "@mycwi.cc". For example, a student with a username of "johnsmith" would have an email address of [email protected].

  • In most cases, your username will follow the format of
  • ...
What is my initial email password?

When your student account is created, you are assigned a default password that must be changed before you can access your email account. Please follow the steps in the: New Student Guide...