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When will I get a receipt after making a gift?

You will receive an official receipt letter for tax purposes from the College of Western Idaho (CWI) Foundation no longer than two weeks after your gift is received.

Where should I send the scholarship checks?

By Mail:                                  In Person:
CWI Foundation                      6056 Birch Lane
MS1000                                   Suite 102
PO Box 3010                           Nampa, ID 83687
Nampa, ID 83653

Who do I contact to discuss scholarship information?

Please contact the Anita Tuttle, Scholarship Coordinator at 208.562.3507.

Who is the responsible for the CWI Foundation’s operation?

The overall management of the CWI Foundation is accomplished through its Board of Directors composed of business and professional leaders from the community and representatives of the College's administration and Board of Trustees. The daily operation of the CWI Foundation is handled by the CWI Foundation staff.

Maintaining public trust is central to the mission of CWI Foundation-- and its highest priority. Information about the CWI Foundation's bylaws, policies, agreements, financial statements, events, and other matters are openly discussed by its Board of Directors while maintaining confidentiality. The CWI Foundation meets a myriad of regulatory requirements governing operations as well as an annual audit by a licensed and professional certified public accounting firm.

Why does CWI need a Foundation?

There are many reasons for the development of a Foundation to assist CWI. The Foundation is an active channel to involve the community as well as CWI's alumni, students, and employees in the overall growth and stability of the College. A strong College Board of Trustees and Foundation Board of Directors who are prominent and active citizens, not only open doors to needed dollars, but also help to inspire other citizens with an appreciation for the mission and future goals of the CWI.

Why does CWI need private funding?

Private philanthropy is what transforms a good college into an extraordinary one. There are several reasons for a tax-assisted community college to seek private contributions:

  • The budget required by the College is only partially met by state allocations.
  • The state does not provide funds for the start-up of new programs, high-tech equipment, or progressive teaching initiatives.
  • We must seek private gifts and donor support to maintain and expand desire programs and services-as well as to provide scholarship assistance.
Will I be billed for my scholarship payment?

No, you will not be billed for you scholarship donation. If you want an invoice made, please contact the CWI Foundation at 208.562.3100 or foundation@cwidaho.cc.

Will I meet my scholarship recipient(s)?

The CWI Foundation strives to create opportunities for donors and scholarship recipients to meet.