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Weapons on Campus

What is campus security’s role?

Campus security will work with police to determine if a student, staff member, faculty or visitor on campus is lawfully carrying a weapon. They will also escort individuals off campus and work with local law enforcement officials, as needed.

What is considered “concealed” in terms of weapons?

A “concealed weapon” means a weapon which is carried upon one’s person and is not in plain view or discernable by ordinary observation.

What should be done if it is suspected someone is carrying a concealed weapon?

If you suspect someone is carrying a weapon, but there is not a perceived threat and the weapon is not visible, then there is no need to take any actions.

What should be done if someone feels intimidated by any person they believe is carrying a weapon?

If there is not an immediate threat, we would ask you to contact campus security; if there is an immediate threat, then you should contact 911.

What type of permit does someone need to hold in order to carry a weapon legally on campus?

On March, 2014, The State of Idaho passed SB 1254 into law. This law permits individuals who are qualified retired law enforcement officers under Idaho Statute 18-3302H, or who hold an “enhanced” concealed carry license under Idaho Statute 18-3302K, to legally carry concealed weapons on campus.

When should someone call the police and who should call the police?

If someone suspects a violation, they should alert Campus Security, who will contact local police. In an emergency, you should always contact 911.

Where does a weapon need to be in order to be legally considered “concealed”? Can a weapon be in a backpack or purse, or does it need to be directly on a person’s body or within reaching distance of the person?

The law does not expressly state where a weapon needs to be in order to be considered “concealed.” As noted above, the weapon cannot be in plain view or discernable by ordinary observation. Further, the weapon must be on the license holder’s person or in close proximity as to be readily accessible for immediate use. It is CWI’s position that this means that the weapon must be on the license holder’s person or within reaching distance such as in his or her purse, backpack, book bag, or jacket or other clothing.

Will CWI have armed security officers?

No—CWI will not have armed security guards. Your safety is of the utmost importance. If you feel you are in imminent danger, please call 911. Please report other concerns to campus security, who will call the police if necessary.