The Writing Center is a place where students can get help with academic and creative writing. Writing Center consultants are careful readers and listeners. As such, they will not edit papers, but will instead offer strategies for revision and help identify errors. They help with any type of writing at any stage of the writing process, including brainstorming, drafting, revising, and polishing.

All Writing Center Services will close for the semester on Wednesday, May 6th.

All services will resume for summer on Monday, June 1st.


Did you know that students will write 40 - 100 papers while in college?

Our services are 100% free!


    Schedule an Appointment today by using our online scheduler.

    The Writing Center Offers Appointments at these locations:

    CWI Online Campus (Meet online)

    Ada County Center (APIN)

    Pintail Center at Black Eagle Business Park, Room 1304

    Nampa Campus Academic Building (NCAB)

    5500 E. Opportunity Drive, Room 209

    Canyon County Center (CYNC)

    2407 Caldwell Blvd, Room 117

    By special arrangement only. Email [email protected]

    Micron PTE Building (NMPT)

    5725 E. Franklin Road, room 2110

    By special arrangement only. Email [email protected]

    Online Services

    Schedule an Appointment today by using our online scheduler.

    Online, Real-Time Consultations

    Students work one-on-one with a writing consultant via our online platform.

    How online consultations work:

    • Make an appointment for the online campus via our online scheduler.
    • At the time of your appointment, log back in to the appointment scheduler and launch the online consultation module via the link in the appointment block.
      • The platform has built in video conferencing and chat capabilities.
      • You can upload a paper to the platform’s editor. Both you and the consultant can see and mark up the paper at the same time.

    Things to note about Real-time Online consultations:

    • You must have a basic understanding of how internet functions operate, including working in multiple windows, uploading/ downloading, and communicating via chat.
    • These consultations are always 1 hour appointments to allow for time to trouble shoot technology.
    • Everything that can be done in a traditional appointment can be done via this platform.
    • Some things, like instant access to helpful website url’s, are easier via this platform.
    To learn how these consultations work:

    Email Consultations

    Email consultations are a great way to get feedback from a Writing Center consultant when you’re too busy or unable to come to campus.

    How to use email consultations:

    Things to include when using email consultations:

    • Your comments: what do you need help with?
    • Assignment requirements: what must be included in the paper? (attach to the email or paste into the body of your email).
    • Specific formatting instructions: are you using MLA, APA, or something else?
    • When is the assignment due?
    • Peer review or teacher comments: what feedback have you received already on your paper?

    Things to note when using email consultations:

    • We will not edit your papers. We will help you find areas in your paper for improvement or enhancement.
    • We will only have time to focus on one or two aspects of your paper.
    • If you need a more in-depth review, or significant grammar help, make a face-to-face appointment with a consultant at one of our Writing Center sites.
    • Leave yourself plenty of time to revise—the comments you will receive are only suggestions, so you must decide how to best use the advice.
    • Later, consider sending in a revised draft for more comments.


    Check back in fall for more writing workshops!

    For a all upcoming workshops visit Student Workshops

    About Us

    Writing Center services include:

    • In-person: students work one-on-one with a writing consultant.
    • Online consultations: students work one-on-one with a writing consultant via our online scheduling platform.
    • Email consultations: students send in a paper via email and receive suggestions for revision.