Viewing Your Progress Towards Graduation

Student Planning - Viewing your Progress Towards Graduation

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Explore what courses are needed to complete your degree or certificate in Student Planning

To begin, access Student Planning located within

Log in to student planning using your regular username and password. Remember that your username is all lowercase.

Click on “Student Planning”.

Click on Box 1 “View Your Progress”.

On this screen you will see information regarding the current program you are enrolled in.

Your program review will show all of the courses that you have taken at CWI or at other schools if you have had an outside transcript evaluated. These courses will be appropriately placed in their correct categories. On the “My Progress” screen under “Requirements” you will see a long list of courses some of which might be in red, some in yellow, and some in green. These courses are broken down into General Education, Major Requirements, and Elective sections. Please note that not all of these courses are required for your degree, these are merely options available to you.

Each section will tell you how many courses are required to complete that requirement. As you can see Gem 4 requires 2 courses and only 1 has been planned. If a course or section is in red, that means the requirement is not completed, review these sections to ensure you are on track towards graduation.