Viewing your Class Schedule

Student Planning - Viewing Your Class Schedule

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How to view your class schedule in Student Planning

To begin, access Student Planning located within

Log into Student planning using your regular username and password. Remember, your username is always lowercase.

Choose "Student Planning


Click on Box 2 “Plan Your Degree and Register for Classes”.

Courses Planned

On this screen you can see all courses planned for the current semester.
*Note: If a class is green you are registered.
*Note: If a class is yellow it is planned or there is something keeping registration from happening.

Term Calendar

You will see a calendar with a column on the left. Please note the Calendar Term. The term can be adjusted using the arrow buttons or a new term can be added using the plus button. If you would like to drop a registered course from your schedule click on “Drop”.


Click on the “print” button to see your calendar in a printable version.

Enrolled/planned/waitlisted Status

From this view you will be able to see if you are enrolled/planned/waitlisted, where the class is offered, and the professor who teaches.


Close the window with your printable schedule and you can download your schedule to your calendar by clicking on the “Save to iCal” button.

*Please see your personal calendar’s documentation in order to complete the calendar download.