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Student Planning - Student Overview

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Guide through Student Planning

To begin, access Student Planning located within

Click on MyToolkit for Students, then “Plan and Register.”

Complete your Student Account Consent

Before you register you must complete your Student Account Consent. For assistance in filling out the Account Consent form please watch the consent video.

Plan & Register

Next click on Plan & Register: Once you have completed the account consent form please click on “Plan & Register”

If you haven’t already, log into your student planning account using your regular username and password. Remember that your username is all lowercase.

From this page you can quickly access:

  • Student Finance
  • Graduation Overview
  • Student Planning

On the left side of the screen you will see a series of icons, click on the graduation icon. This will open your “Academics” menu.

Click on “Student Planning” in either location.

This offers you a menu of options:

  • Planning Overview
  • My progress
  • Plan & Register
  • Course Catalog
  • Test Summary and
  • Unofficial Transcripts

Or you may choose student planning from the home page.

Once here you may hover over student planning on the top ribbon for the same drop down options.

Brief overview of options, they will all be discussed in greater detail in the subsequent tutorials.

Planning Overview: Gives you the ability to view your program progress, plan your degree & register for classes and also view your scheduled classes for the current semester on a weekly calendar.

My Progress: Shows you your current academic degree, GPA, catalog year and progress in your specific degree at a glance. As you scroll down the page you can see what classes would be applicable to your degree and which ones have been completed. Red designates not started and green is complete.

Any courses that have been taken or are planned but do not go towards your degree will appear under “other courses” at the bottom of the screen. If they are a repeat course they will have an explanation next to them in red.

For review: courses in red means a course is not started, yellow means planned and green is in-progress or completed.

Plan and Register: From this page you can see a calendar of your courses or drop a class from your schedule. If you have a course that is planned it will allow you to choose from available course times and register for the course. If the course is yellow on the calendar it is “planned” or “waitlisted” and green means you are registered in the course.
From this page you can also access the following items:

Timeline: A snapshot of each semester past and future. Planned courses can be removed from all future semesters or just specific semesters. Additional terms can also be added to the “timeline”.

Advising: Students can see their advisor(s) and any notes made in the file. A review of your plan can be emailed to your advisor.

Course Catalog: All subjects are listed alphabetically. By clicking on a specific subject, you can find descriptions of the classes offered and a course can be added to your plan.

Test Summary: Here you can find any test scores that have been entered into your record. These tests may include SAT/ACT, Math or English placement, COMPASS, or CLEP.

Unofficial Transcript: Here you can view your unofficial transcript. A more in-depth explanation can be found in a separate document.

As mentioned earlier, on the left side of the screen you will see a series of icons. Clicking on the “Home” icon in the right hand column will return you to the home screen

Clicking on the graduation icon will allow you to open your “Academics” menu and see the various drop down options.

Graduation Overview: Here you can see the name of your current program and major, as well as a hyperlink that reads “Apply”. Clicking this will take you to the Graduation Application page where you can select the term you are applying for graduation. You will also be asked to confirm if you will participate in the Commencement ceremony. Please also note your mailing address, if it is not correct on this screen, please be sure to update it.

Clicking the profile icon will open your to User Options. You will see the following menu item:

User Profile: Contains your Student ID number, date of birth, address, phone number and email address. From this screen you can also update your address, phone number and personal email. You will not be able to change your “mycwi” email address.

At the top right corner, you will see 4 helpful icons

Your name (in this case Test): has shortcuts to user profile, change password, and account preferences.

The Account Preferences link will allow you to change the starting page when you open Student Planning.

The sign out link will allow you to change the starting page when you open Student Planning.

The Help feature provides some quick helpful hints about the page you are currently viewing. If you have any questions about the information covered in any of our videos, this is a great resource to look for answers.

The Notification marker will only be present if you have notifications about your account. If this option is present you will see any notifications on your file. If you have a hold, need a final high school transcript, or are on suspension a notification will pop up. To close the notification box, click on it again.