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Traci Molloy’s White Dandelions installation.

CWI invites the public to participate in a weekend exploration of the work of the Brooklyn-based artist and social activist.

2015 CWI Connections Project logo

The logo contest is open to the public and the design selected will be used for marketing and information resources. 

The November 2016 general election is rapidly approaching, which will place a number of ballot items related to CWI in front of voters.

The CWI Patriot Range, which is a display of 300 American flags, will stand at CWI’s Nampa Campus Academic Building starting Nov. 4.

The forum will feature three guest speakers and is open to the public. It will run from 6-7 p.m. at the Nampa Campus Academic Building.

The annual event, hosted on Oct. 22, gave kids a fun introduction to STEM careers through hands-on workshops presented by CWI faculty and students.


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