Student Government Election

Let your voice be heard and elect your 2017-2018 student government.

Presidential & Vice Presidential Candidate 1

Marley Dawson & Preston Schow


Marley Dawson -

My name is Marley and I’m pursuing the opportunity to serve as ASCWI President for the 2017-18 year. I’m currently serving a second semester in an executive position as ASCWI Secretary. I have learned so much about leadership and teamwork through working with my wonderful fellow ASCWI leaders. I have seen how our efforts have positive impacts. The experience of serving in student government has empowered my passion for serving students. CWI has an amazing community of students dedicated to achieving their goals.  I am committed to doing everything within my ability to increase opportunities for all students to thrive and have a well-rounded college experience.

My goals for the future of ASCWI are to help students by improving organization, communication, and the student experience. Improving organization within ASCWI will allow for more efficiency in serving students. Improving the communication between ASCWI, students, and clubs will enhance student government’s ability to better represent the needs and desires of all students. Improving the student experience will have a positive impact in all aspects of students’ lives. One of the valuable parts of the student experience is building connections with fellow students. These connections allow students to learn and thrive outside of the classroom, and can last far beyond graduation.

“A leader is great not because of his or her power, but because of his or her ability to empower others.” – John C. Maxwell

Preston Schow -

I enjoy being a leader because I genuinely care about other people. Helping them be happy or successful brings me joy. That is why I decided to get involved in student leadership. For the past year and a half, I have been serving in ASCWI. I was first a Senator for the 2015-16 year, and am now serving as Vice President for the 2016-17 year. I have enjoyed being a voice of the students. I would like the opportunity to continue being a voice as Vice President for the 2017-18 year. Before college, I served a 2 year LDS mission in Dallas, Texas. I learned to speak Spanish while serving the people. I have a desire to serve as many people as I can in my life. This leadership experience has helped me to continue this service.

Some personal goals that I have set to help myself become a better leader are communicating and getting to know more students at CWI. Another goal of mine is to speak to 1st semester students in CWID classes to inform them about opportunities available to them (such as clubs, scholarships, leadership, tutoring, and writing labs).

Some goals I have for CWI this year are to first bring to CWI a better tool of communication. Second, to have fun, unity-building activities on campus (such as dressing up, contests, raffles, guessing number of items in student life center, and more!). Finally, it is my goal to help students identify their strengths and find their career path!
"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."
 -President John F. Kennedy

Presidential & Vice Presidential Candidate 2

Aleli Snively & Kerry Meredith

Aleli Snively -

“I’ve been exposed to the concerns and interests of many students while serving as Senator of the Student Body. Reaching out to various department chairs, faculty, staff and voicing student need is a progressive goal that take dedication and fortitude; my newfound passion in the world of academics. I want to use my experience to connect with more students and build upon the current foundation of ASCWI for 2017-2018. I can’t ignore the importance of student stability and satisfaction, that when unfulfilled, disconnect so many from achieving personal success. An advancement in an executive student leadership positon will help me connect various needs and turn them toward the face of growth and individual achievement. This goal comes with tremendous responsibility and I can’t afford to waste time, neither can you. There is a total of 20,000 students at all CWI campus locations and many have yet to cease upon the numerous resources available. I want to bridge the communication for the benefit of all attendees; the traditional, non-traditional, and international student waiting for their advocacy. Everyone has a story and as President, your voice will be the language of my leadership.”

Kerry Meredith -

Serving as senator my first year has given me the educational experience outside the classroom that I would not have otherwise. The diverse culture at CWI represents the myriad of student interests and concerns of which I share the passion for, particularly in respect to having a voice and being heard. As a non-traditional student, learning the American culture and the U.S. education system has incited in me the passion to serve and advocate the student voice. An executive position in ASCWI is the perfect platform; a non-intimidating and secure environment for students to collaborate towards positive changes.”

Presidential & Vice Presidential Candidate 3

Mokoma Musa & Matthew Collard

Mokoma Musa -

Hello my name is Mokoma and I have been serving the College of Western Idaho and its students as an ASCWI senator for about two years now I'm currently a law enforcement major and soon to be a police officer. I'm now running to be the student body president for the 2017-18 school year. I believe I would make an outstanding president because of my experience serving as a representative for you, the students, and now I'd like to be your voice. Me and my right hand partner, Matthew, would like to share your vision and voice. Our vision statement, or focus, is based on empowerment, empathy, and education. The reason we chose these elements are because over the duration of our time at the College of Western Idaho, we have noticed that students fear bringing their concerns forward or not being addressed. Unfortunately this has a negative impact on their education experience. And I believe, with your votes, we can change that.

Matthew Collard -

My name is Matthew Collard. I served nine years in the army as an infantryman. My family has been dedicated to serving most in the military the rest is firefighters. Putting the others as a top priority. The question I’ve always asked is “If not me then who?” Which brings me to serve in ASCWI. Everyone deserves to be represented and have a say in any organization that they are a part of. Mokoma and I understand this and or focus on being emphatic to student’s needs, empowering them through trials and making sure CWI provides a fun educational experience. I’ll finish with my favorite quote is from Ben franklin “If you do not want to be forgotten as soon as you are dead write something worth reading or do something worth writing about”


Running Senators

Benjamin Clark
Brando Flores
C'line Duff
Dallin Larsen
Jerry Nabarrete-Stuart
John Nahlen - Click here for more information about me.
Shauna England