In accordance with Federal Department of Education regulations, the College must provide students the ability to opt-out of a specifically defined category of Special Course Fees.  A list of Special Course Fees eligible for opt-out is available to students at all One Stop Student Services locations.  Not all Special Course Fees are eligible for opt-out.

Special Course Fees

A Special Course Fee may be applied to a course at the point of registration for a number of purposes

  • The course includes resources or opportunities that are not common to general courses and incur costs beyond those captured in the College’s schedule of student fees (e.g., travel costs for student field trips, materials used in lab experiments, etc.)
  • The College is able to purchase materials or supplies at a volume that provides a cost benefit to students while ensuring consistency of learning materials. 
  • Materials or supplies are guaranteed for all students and can be provided to students from the first day of learning to ensure success.
  • Materials or supplies are utilized to ensure the safety of students or to maintain fidelity of machinery or equipment in the learning environment.

The College of Western Idaho strives to provide accessible and affordable learning opportunities for students and makes a conscious effort to apply Special Course Fees reasonably, affordably, and sparingly.

Opt-out Process

Opt-out Process

  • A student must first be registered for a course with an eligible opt-out Special Course Fee (SCF). Online fees are not eligible for opt-out.
  • The student may file a request to opt-out of the eligible SCF no later than two weeks before the first day of the semester. 
  • The student will initiate the opt-out process by consulting with a One Stop representative on the potential impact of opting out, the responsibilities the student assumes, and the specific materials the student agrees to personally acquire for participation in the course. 
  • One Stop Student Services will provide the student a detailed list of required materials the student must purchase.  These materials may not be available for purchase at the CWI bookstore. 
  • Materials may be required for class prior to the date of credit balance refunds.
  • The opt-out form requires the signature of both the One Stop representative and the student.
  • Within ten (10) business day, the student’s account will be adjusted in the amount of the SCF. Students can access their account detail through myCWI.  (Summer and Fall account access opens July 1.) 
  • Once an opt-out request is submitted and the student has accepted the personal responsibility for acquiring the required materials or supplies, the opt-out adjustment cannot be reversed. 
  • Because SCFs that are eligible for the opt-out process are specifically intended to ensure students’ preparedness for the course and immediate access to learning materials, students who opt-out and do not act on their responsibility to acquire their own materials may be dropped for non-participation during the first week of class.

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