Proctored exams are exams that are required to be administered and supervised in a secure environment when it is not possible for a student to test in the presence of the instructor.

Fees & scheduling for proctored exams:

Items to bring for proctored exams:

  • Valid Photo ID (must be government issued and non-expired. Photograph and signature required.)
    • Forms of ID allowed are: Driver's License, State ID Card, Military ID Card, Passport, Permanent Resident Card, or CWI Student ID Card
  • RegisterBlast confirmation receipt
  • Instructor provided/allowed materials.
  • Students are allowed to bring a calculator for most CWI course exams. The Assessment Center provides TI-30XS calculators for use. Any other calculator must be supplied by the student.

Make-up Exams for CWI Courses:

To make-up an exam for a CWI course, please contact your instructor. He or she can send us all necessary information for your approved make-up test, which can be made available at one or either of our two testing centers. After arrangements are made, please visit RegisterBlast to schedule your exam online. There are no fees for make-up exams for CWI or CSI courses. Your current photo ID (Student ID, Driver's License, State ID, Passport, Military ID, etc) must be presented before each test.

Distance Proctoring:

CWI students can take their tests with an approved proctor at non-CWI locations via Distance Proctoring. Students and their chosen proctoring location need to fill out the Distance Proctoring Request Form and submit it to the CWI Testing & Assessment Center for each test they wish to complete at the approved location. Following testing, the proctor must then return the Proctor Verification Form to the CWI Testing & Assessment Center.

Score Release Request

To have your Compass or CSA score sent to another college or university, please print off and complete the Assessment Score Release Request Form and send it back to us.