PowerPoint Study Guide - Computer Skills Assessment

Below is a list of objectives covered in the PowerPoint Computer Skills Assessment. Each of the questions in the assessment requires the completion of multiple tasks and an example has been included.

  • Add Slides
  • Create printed handouts
  • Apply a Background Style
  • Create WordArt
  • Apply and change a Design Theme
  • Flip Pictures and Clip Art
  • Apply and modify a picture style
  • Insert pictures and Clip Art
  • Apply animation entrance and exit effects
  • Insert slides from Outline
  • Apply slide transitions to a presentation
  • Insert video and charts
  • Change the Size and Shape of a picture
  • Modify Slide Layout
  • Check Spelling and Use the Thesaurus
  • Modify Text
  • Create a Background from a Picture
  • Reorder Slides
  • Create a New Presentation
  • Reuse Slides from an Existing Presentation
  • Create a New Presentation on an Installed Template
  • Save different file types
  • Create Basic Shapes
  • Size and Position Pictures and Clip Art

Example Question

  • Add a New Slide with Title and Content Layout. Type “Remember to turn off your lights!” in the Title placeholder.
  • Insert the Video “TurnLightsOff” in the Placeholder by clicking the Insert media Clip Icon. Set the Playback to Start the video Automatically.
  • Duplicate Slide 2 and move this copied slide to the end of the slideshow.

Suggested Training material

On the Office.microsoft.com Support website you can find training (video and practice).
Training courses for PowerPoint 2010

  • Animations and transitions
  • Charts and diagrams I: SmartArt graphics
  • Charts and diagrams II: Data charts
  • Insert video into your presentation