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myCWI - Your eToolkit for Success

What is myCWI?

MyCWI is a secure website accessible by students, faculty, and staff of College of Western Idaho to share important information relevant to nearly all college information and transactions a student needs to be successful. You will have one unique login and password required to enter the site that provides access to all the resources you need including registration, financial aid, student accounts, and more. MyCWI provides an easy-to-navigate interface connecting tools and resources in a unified way. Mark myCWI as your favorite site – you will be visiting often!

myCWI Login

  • Search and register for classes
  • Order books online
  • View your student account
  • Manage financial aid and more!


    What Can I Expect?

    MyCWI is the equivalent of a one-stop resource for CWI students, faculty, and staff to share information and complete nearly all tasks associated with enrollment. MyCWI is your eToolkit for a successful college experience at CWI and a gateway to resources.

    Upon logging into the site, you will have access to important updates, registration, financial and student account information, book ordering and much more. MyCWI will provide you a single online access point from anywhere, with anytime convenience.

    Starting with Summer and Fall 2012 registration, students will access myCWI for the following actions:

    • Search and Register for Classes
      Beginning on April 16th all your registration activity for future semesters happens in myCWI. You can search for classes using a variety of criteria – by subject, by instructor, by location, etc. MyCWI offers a new feature that allows you to select courses for your “preferred list.” This is similar to a shopping cart where you can select courses you are considering as you build your class schedule. Once you have selected your courses, you can choose the classes you want and register for them.
    • Order Books Online
      A comprehensive online bookstore will be accessible through myCWI connecting you to one of the largest bookstore networks in the nation. The online bookstore will seamlessly integrate the textbooks you need for classes as well as provide resources for renting text and ordering your favorite school accessories.
    • View Your Student Account
      You will be able to view a variety of information about your student account on myCWI. You can see how much your charges are, any payments you have made, and what the current amount of your bill is. If you are registered for more than one term, you can find out how much your balance is for each term.
      • Pay for Classes
        By logging into myCWI, you can also pay on your account. Payment by credit card is simple with Visa, Master Card, or Discover.
      • Set Up Payment Plans
        CWI offers flexible payment plans through our partner Sallie Mae. Payment plan options will be available in May. Stay tuned for more information.
      • Select a Refund Option
        Effective with Summer 2012, CWI will no longer use Higher One to refund student balances. Our new refunding partner will be Sallie Mae. You can select to receive your refund from three different options: 1) have the money sent directly to your existing bank account by ACH, 2) receive your refund by a Sallie Mae bank student checking account with a no-fee debit card,or 3) have a paper check mailed directly to your home.
    • Manage Your Financial Aid
      You will be able to review your financial aid eligibility by year or semester, access your Financial Aid Award Notification, accept or reject your awards, and decrease your loan amounts in myCWI. You can also review missing documents under the Communication, then My Documents link, to know what you need to turn in to progress toward receiving your aid.
    • Check Your Grades and Degree Progress
      You will login to myCWI to check your grades at the end of each semester. You will also be able to access your Program Evaluation – a report that shows your progress toward your degree or certificate. In addition to seeing completed, in progress, and outstanding degree or certificate requirements for your declared major, you can also run Program Evaluation to see where your course work would apply if you changed your major.
    • View and Print Your Transcripts
      In myCWI you can view and print your unofficial transcript. If you need a transcript for an employer or for another college or university, you will request your official transcript through a link on myCWI that will connect you to College of Southern Idaho (CSI), our accreditation partner.
    • Access Important Forms and Announcements


    What if I Need Help?

    One Stop Student Services
    If you have questions about admissions, financial aid, registration, transcripts, student enrichment, or any other student services issue, One Stop Student Services is the best place to start. Call 208.562.3000 or stop by any of our locations.

    CWI Help Desk
    If you are experiencing a problem with accessing myCWI, please report it to us via a help desk request or by contacting our helpline at 208.562.3444.

    MyCWI Technology Resources
    MyCWI Technology Resources is a self-help area containing How-to’s, FAQ’s, and Tutorial Videos that will answer many questions for you.


    How Does This Affect Me?

    System Access
    Understanding the changes happening at College of Western Idaho (CWI) is an important part of the CWI student experience. Students who have previously attended CWI classes were accessing College of Southern Idaho systems to complete all registration and financial aid processes. Starting April 16, 2012, CWI is transitioning to a new federal school code and operating as an independent institution which means student information will now be accessible through myCWI. Students will no longer see information in NetPartner or myCSI for the 2012-13 school year. Now, information such as how to manage your financial aid (including financial aid awards and required documents), searching and registering for classes, paying your bill and student account information, etc. will be available through myCWI.

    The good news is that current students already have a user name and password to do this! The user name and password you use for Blackboard will also be used to gain access to myCWI. You will be notified once the site is live, sometime the week of April 9-13. Once you see the announcement, we encourage you to browse the myCWI site and familiarize yourself with all of the great features and functionality it provides. This is especially important because April 16th is the date you can start registering for summer and/or fall classes.

    New School Code
    It is also important to know that sometime in late-April you will receive an announcement of CWI’s new federal school code. This announcement means you will need to complete two important tasks:

    • Return to www.FAFSA.gov and add the CWI federal school code to your FAFSA and re-submit.
      • If you are attending this summer you will need to add the code to your 2011-12 FAFSA as well as your 2012-13 FAFSA.
      • Students not attending this summer only need to make this change to their 2012-13 FAFSA.
    • Everyone who is planning to borrow loans MUST complete a new Master Promissory Note (MPN) at www.studentloans.gov.

    Summer Aid Request and Notification Delays
    Due to the many changes happening in April, you will be notified of summer aid later than usual. There is also a new requirement to request summer aid. The Summer Aid Request Form is currently available on the MyCWI website. This form indicates your interest in attending the summer session and gives CWI crucial information about your attendance plans. Once received, your information will be evaluated to determine if you have remaining eligibility for summer funds (this only applies to students that attended in fall 2011 and/or spring 2012). Once evaluated, you will be contacted so that you know if you have any eligibility for summer funds and can plan accordingly.

    2012-13 Financial Aid Notification
    In myCWI you can view any documents that are required for financial aid. Please respond to requests by turning documentation in to any One Stop Student Services location promptly. Once all requests for documentation are complete, you can expect contact via e-mail and/or you can login to myCWI for updates.

    Still Have a Higher One Refund on your Card?
    As part of the transition away from CSI, the College of Western Idaho will no longer be in partnership with Higher One for refunding as of the start of the Summer 2012 semester. As a student of CWI, we would like to provide you with more options to receive your future refunds. The Higher One ATM at the Nampa Main Campus will be removed at a later date to be determined. We want to encourage students who use the Higher One Account/EagleOne card to review their refund options so as not to incur any additional fees. View the Higher One fee schedule »

    Here are the steps to change your refund option to either ACH Transfer to an Outside Bank Account or to a Paper Refund Check:

    1. Log in to your Higher One Account (https://csieagle1card.higheroneaccount.com/).
    2. Go to the Refunds tab and click Refund Preferences.
    3. Choose your desired refund preference and click the Update Preference button to complete the process.

    Note: Changes to your refund preference only affect future refunds, not refunds that have already been disbursed.

    Please continue to check your student email and the student newsletter for future updates on these changes.

    New Refund Process
    CWI has partnered with Sallie Mae to offer refund services to CWI students starting with the summer 2012 semester. You will be contacted with information about Sallie Mae and how to select a refund option in mid-May. If you do not elect an option and are eligible for a refund, Sallie Mae will send a check for the refund to the address CWI has on file for you.

    Register for Classes
    Registering in myCWI is easy! On April 16th, you will be able to search for courses, place courses on your “preferred list” (like a shopping cart), and then register for those courses. During the week prior to registration, you will be able to login to myCWI and search for summer and fall 2012 classes.

    Need a Transcript?
    While CWI is moving to a new system for registration, student accounts, and financial aid, our partnership with CSI remains intact for degrees and transcripts. This partnership ensures the transferability of your credits to other colleges and universities.

    In myCWI you can view and print your unofficial transcript. If you need a transcript for an employer or for another college or university, you will request your official transcript through a link on myCWI that will connect you to College of Southern Idaho (CSI), our accreditation partner.


    Why the Change?

    Currently, CWI delivers college credit instruction, certificates and degrees, as well as federal financial aid funding through a memorandum of understanding with the College of Southern Idaho (CSI). Through this partnership, CWI students use CSI software systems to register for classes, manage their student accounts, and access financial aid information.

    CWI is actively working toward independent accreditation, was granted accreditation candidate status in January 2012, and has applied for independent federal financial aid eligibility. Once CWI has been granted independent financial aid eligibility, CWI will begin using CWI software systems for registration, financial aid, and student accounts in advance of the Summer 2012 semester.


    How Do I Access myCWI?

    Access to myCWI is provided through a CWI network account which provides students, faculty, and staff access to campus resources such as myCWI, e-mail, computer labs, Blackboard, and campus computers. Please review Recover Access to Your Account for additional information.

    How Can I Get a New Student ID Card?

    Why a New Card?
    In CWI’s new systems, you will be assigned a new Student ID number. Although this will not be the number you use to login to myCWI (you’ll use your current Blackboard/email login), it will be the number tied to all your academic records, financial aid, and student account information. Therefore, you’ll no longer need the Student ID number shown on your current ID card for CWI business.

    When and Where Can I Get My New Card?
    The re-designed CWI Student ID card is now available at One Stop Student Services locations. At your convenience, stop by a One Stop Student Services location at Nampa Campus, Ada County Center or Canyon County Center for your new photo and card. Make sure you bring photo ID, and we will replace your card.