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  • 2013 Winner "Journey of Christopher Columbus"
  • 2013 Winner "Living Dictionary"
  • 2013 Winner, Reading Lincoln
  • 2012 Winner "Now They Ask Me for Ideas"
  • 2012 Winner "Imagination is Only a Book Away"
  • 2012 Winner "Taking Our Place"
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LibART: Art Inspired by Libraries

The Library and Art Department at the College of Western Idaho (CWI) wish to provide an open, supportive and inviting setting to showcase the talent and creativity of CWI. We invite students, staff and faculty to submit library-themed artwork for an exhibition entitled "LibART: Art Inspired by Libraries."


Like libraries, art creates a synergy across disciplines and provides a pathway to communication. In appreciation of this unique relationship, the Library and Art Department are hosting a library-inspired art contest and exhibit. Artists can use terms or concepts from the Library Wordle Cloud for inspiration if necessary, but all pieces of art should address the "Art Inspired by Libraries" theme.

The exhibition will be held in the Library April 7th- April 25th and will feature two categories-- art submitted by students and art submitted by faculty/staff. Once the submitted artworks are on display, students, staff and faculty may visit the Library in person or online and vote for their favorite piece of art in each category.   A CWI ID number will be required to vote; any vote without a CWI ID number will not be counted and each ID number will be allowed only one vote per category.


Open to all CWI students who have taken at least one course during the 2013­–2014 academic year and current CWI staff and faculty.

Artwork Submission & Contest Process

  1. Artists will submit their artwork in person to the CWI Library by Friday, April 4th. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  2. Approximately 30 works will be selected as finalists for the exhibition by Library and Art Department faculty and staff. Final selections depend on total number of submissions and exhibition space.
  3. Artwork will be photographed for online voting.
  4. After the exhibition has been installed voting will begin.
  5. Award winners will be announced in spring semester 2014.
  6. The top three award-winning works will be purchased by the Library for $100 each and displayed in the Library. Staff/Faculty submissions will be voted on and awarded a 1st Place title, but will not be purchased.
  7. Honorable Mentions and other art entries will be returned to the artist. All attempts will be made to return artwork promptly; any artwork not picked up after the event is closed will become Library property and donated to any interested parties.

Entry Specifications

  • All media is eligible including paintings, posters, graphic art, pen & ink drawings, pottery, film, photography, book art, glass work and sculptures.
  • Artists are encouraged to visit the CWI Library for inspiration. Use terms or concepts from the Library Wordle Cloud for creative ideas.
  • Each artist may only submit one entry.
  • Works must be presentation ready, and appropriate for display in a public setting. The Library reserves the right to reject items not deemed suitable for public display.
  • Two-dimensional artwork must be ready to hang (wired, matted, mounted, framed, etc.). Glass must be clean. The Library WILL NOT accept art that has not been properly prepared.
  • Three-dimensional artwork must be able to stand on its own.
  • There is no fee to enter the contest.
  • The Library is not involved in the sale of artwork. However, the Library staff will collect the contact information of buyers who are interested in purchasing art from a particular artist. Library staff will pass on the contact information to the artist when the exhibit ends.
  • The submission must be accompanied by an Entry Form along with an artist’s statement. (Paper entry forms can be found at the library, but online entry forms and statements are preferred. Library staff will check for an online entry when art is submitted.)
  • Artwork must be submitted by the deadline--late artwork will not be accepted.

The CWI Library reserves the right to reject any submission not meeting these criteria.

Entry Deadline

Artwork to be submitted to the Library by Friday, April 4th at 5pm.

Liability & Agreement

All accepted artwork must remain on display for the duration of the exhibition. The CWI Library will have the right to use photographs of accepted work for educational and promotional purposes. Every precaution will be taken in handling and exhibiting works. The Library is locked during closed hours. However, no insurance or other extraordinary measures will be taken to protect art displayed in the library. Submission of work will constitute an agreement to comply with these conditions.

If artwork is submitted at the Ada Center Library, you consent to us moving the item to the NCMP Library. You accept the risk associated with this transportation and are aware that accidental damage may occur and CWI Library staff is not liable for any damages. (The best way to avoid this is to submit your piece at the NCMP Library!)

Print a copy of the CWI Library Art Contest Rules and Guidelines

Important Dates:

  • April 4th:  Submissions delivered to the CWI Library by Friday, 5pm
  • *April 9th:  Exhibition Reception*
  • April 7–April 25:  Popular Choice Voting
  • April 7–April 25:  Artwork can be viewed at CWI Library
  • April 30:  Award Winners Announced
  • May 2–May 16:  Art Work Pick-up

Entry Categories:

  • 1st Place–Popular Vote: Student Art
  • 1st Place–Library Choice: Student Art
  • 1st Place–Art Dept Choice: Student Art
  • 1st Place—Popular Vote: Staff/Faculty Art
  • Honorable Mention(s)

The top work in each student category (3 total) will be purchased by the CWI Library for $100 each and displayed in the Library. Submission to the contest acknowledges that the artist will allow the Library to purchase and own the art. Honorable Mention(s) of student work will receive $20 gift certificates. The winning staff/faculty member is welcome to donate their art to the Library's art collection to be displayed alongside student art.

The Popular Vote categories will be selected by CWI student, staff and faculty voting. Library Choice will be selected by Library staff and Art Department Choice will be selected by Art Department faculty. Honorable Mention(s) will be selected by Library staff and Art Department faculty. Selections will be made on the quality of work, overall presentation, anticipated appeal to CWI students, and its appropriateness for the Library space.

Need more info?

Librarian, Instruction and Outreach
Phone: 208.562.3119
Department Chair, Visual and Performing Arts
Phone: 208.562.3351