GED Information

The GED test was first developed in 1942 to help returning World War II veterans finish their high school studies. Today, the GED test is offered as part of a start-to-finish program for adult learners. The GED program ensures that an adult’s high school equivalency credential signifies he or she has the skills and knowledge necessary to take the next steps in their life.

Discount Codes

From April 03, 2017 through May 15, 2017, testers can save 50% on GED Ready practice exams purchased through the GED Marketplace by using code GEDGO at checkout. For details, please see full terms and conditions.

*Please be advised that all promotions are run through the GED Testing Service and are not guaranteed, redeemable, or reimbursable by the College of Western Idaho.

Steps to completing your GED:

  • To take FREE preparation classes to help in completing your GED, please go to our Basic Skills Education page by visiting or by calling (208) 562-2575 (Ada County) or (208) 562-2087 (Canyon County).

  • Register for a free account at
    • If you are 16-17 years of age, you will need to complete a youth waiver and return it to us at [email protected] or by bringing it into our office. The youth waiver can be found here.
  • Use your account to schedule & pay for your exams
  • Take your GED exam at one of our two locations
  • Use to access your scores
  • Request your transcript from
  • Request your High School Equivalency Certificate by clicking here.

GED Details:

  • To prepare for the GED, you may purchase study materials, including practice tests, from Practice exams cost $6 each.
  • You may schedule your exams separately, in any combination, or all together.
  • GED sections and time limits are as follows:
    • Social Studies: 75 minutes
    • Science: 95 minutes
    • Mathematics: 120 minutes (including 10-minute scheduled break)
    • Reasoning through Language Arts: 155 minutes (including 10-minute scheduled break)
  • The cost for the GED is $30 per exam (4 sections = $120). Retakes are available for $10 each for your second and third attempts.
  • Minimum score of 145 required to pass each section. Total passing score is 580 or higher.
  • For ADA Accommodations in taking the GED, please visit GED's Accommodations page.
  • Please click here for other answers to Frequently Asked Questions.