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Registration and Records

General Information

Use this form to request Challenge Credit. A course may be challenged with the permission of the instructional dean, department chairperson, and instructor by passing a comprehensive test for that course with a ‘C’ grade or better. You will be assessed 20% of the Idaho Resident Tuition for each credit acquired by either of these methods in addition to testing fees and any other tuition and fees.

This form is used to request self-advised status. If your request is approved, you will not be required to meet with a faculty advisor prior to registration each semester. It is still recommended that you meet with an advisor the semester prior to graduation to confirm your eligibility to graduate.

This is the pdf version of the Spring 2015 Important Dates.

This form is used for current high school students registering for courses offered through College of Western Idaho’s Tech Prep program. This form must be submitted for each semester the student wishes to take courses for credit in the Tech Prep program at CWI. Once this form is processed, the student will be notified and given login information to access the website for payment.

The Veteran Request for Certification form is to be submitted every semester a veteran, reservist or active duty member wishes to use his/her VA Educational Benefits.  This form indicates to the School Certifying Official that the student is ready to have his/her enrollment information sent to the VA for processing.  This form is also to be used to notify school certifying officials of changes in the student’s enrollment as well as termination of benefits.  Veteran Request for Certification Form

This form is used by a student who is unable to join a Waitlist during registration on myCWI.  This form will allow CWI to override a student onto a Waitlist for a full course.

NOTE:  You must be admitted as a degree-seeking student to use this form.

Appeals & Special Circumstances

At the College of Western Idaho (CWI), we strive to provide a positive experience for our students and guests of the College.  We do realize, however, that issues do arise on occasions that need to be brought to our attention.  Many student issues can be resolved by contacting the appropriate department.  Advisors and One Stop Mangers can listen to your concerns, help you understand steps necessary to review your concerns as well as direct you to the appropriate staff and forms.  Below you will find guidance for how to properly navigate the College’s petition, appeal, grievance, and complaint processes.  For additional information please contact Donna Robinson at 562-3561 or [email protected]


This form is used to change your mailing address. Completing this form does not change your residency status.
If this address change affects your residency status (such as moving to a different county or state), you must also complete these two forms:

1) Certificate of Residency/Affidavit, and

2) Residency Redetermination Form.

You must provide Photo ID when submitting this form.

EFFECTIVE Fall 2015 – Out-of-District Students must submit Certificate of Residency Affidavit to their county of residence. Idaho code 33-2110 requires that the county you resided in for at least 12 consecutive months prior to being admitted pay part of your tuition (except for Jerome, Twin Falls, Kootenai, Ada and Canyon counties). It is your responsibility to prove legal residency by completing the form below. Some counties may require additional information or have you complete additional forms. If the county cannot certify your legal residency, you are responsible for paying the county portion of your tuition.

County Clerk Addresses


County Clerk Addresses listed by County

Idaho Code Section 33-2110 states that a student shall not be deemed a resident for tuition purposes of the community college district, or of the county, or of the state of Idaho unless the student meets the residency requirements set forth in Idaho Code Section 33-2110B. It further states that a student may not become a resident while enrolled in school except in certain instances. If the student can answer yes to any of the following questions and provide necessary documentation proof, they may be considered a resident of the district, county, or state. Proof of residency documents must be provided with the residency redetermination form for valid consideration. Forms should be turned in no later than census date for the semester in which the change is requested. All forms received after census date will be considered for the following semester.
* Note: This is not a substitute for the certificate of residency. Out of district students are required to submit a Certificate of Residency/Affidavit every academic year.