Forms and Publications

Registration and Records

General Information

This form is used to request exceptions to academic and degree requirements for graduation purposes. It is your responsibility to provide rationale and/or documentation justifying the exception requested.

This form is used to exercise your right of appeal. You may appeal a grade that you feel is unfair through the grade appeal process. The process is focused on fairness and "due process" for students and faculty. There are specific guidelines and procedures that must be followed in each grade appeal. Please carefully read and follow the directions in this form. When complete, submit this form and all required materials to One Stop Student Services.

This form is initiated by the instructor and must be completed when an incomplete grade is assigned.

This form is used to register for independent study credit(s).  All signatures must be completed before a student can register for independent study (296).

This form is used to register for internship credit(s). All signatures must be completed before a student can register for an internship (293).

This form is used to change your declared major, catalog year, and/or program advisor. Any of these changes may affect financial aid benefits, enrollment status, degree requirements, degree planning needs, graduation time line, and other college-related business. You are strongly encouraged to thoroughly review program requirements with your advisor prior to making changes during your final semester. This form must be submitted in person by the student, through the student's CWI e-mail, by fax or mail (legible, valid photo ID must be included).

This form is used by non-Micron employees who wish to take general education CWI courses offered at the Micron site. By completing this form, you authorize Micron to conduct a background check. You also agree to comply with the dress code and conduct requirements specified on the form while on the Micron site. After the form is submitted to and approved by Micron, you will be eligible to register for CWI courses taught at Micron. THIS FORM IS NOT A CWI FORM AND MUST BE FAXED TO THE MICRON REPRESENTATIVE LISTED ON THE FORM.

The Name Change Form is used to change your name on official school records. Name Change documentation is required.

This form is used to authorize the College of Western Idaho to release your specified student information to individuals you designate.  This form DOES NOT ALLOW someone other than you to act on your behalf (i.e. add/drop courses); it only allows access to records.

This form is used for registering courses, only if a student cannot register online.  This form must be submitted in person, through the student’s CWI email, by fax or mail with a copy of current photo ID.  Only exceptions to registration policies require an override signature.

This replaces the “Add” portion of the Add/Drop form.

This form is used to remove your directory hold. (See Directory Hold/Privacy Form)

The Request for Certification form is to be submitted every semester a veteran, reservist or active duty member wishes to use his/her VA Educational Benefits.  This form indicates to the School Certifying Official that the student is ready to have his/her enrollment information sent to the VA for processing.  This form is also to be used to notify school certifying officials of changes in the student’s enrollment as well as termination of benefits.  Request for Certification Form