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Forms and Publications

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General Information

This is the paper application for admission to College of Western Idaho you can submit this or complete the Online Application.

International students must use the paper application. See if you qualify as an International Student.

This form is for students who completed dual credit courses at CWI.  Students who did not complete dual credit courses please complete the CWI Application for Admission.

Applicant Instructions: The reference form must be submitted IN A SEALED ENVELOPE with your completed application.
Reference Instructions: Return reference in a sealed envelope to applicant. Sign across the seal of the envelope for official
recognition. Do not fax or mail to CWI

International Students

A Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) will not be issued until all required forms are completed and returned with support documents to the College of Western Idaho.

The Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services requires an international student to show evidence of adequate financial support for one academic year (9 months) and a plan for continued funding for subsequent years. This form is not an application for financial assistance. This form is required for admission to CWI. 

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This form will provide information to the International Student Coordinator to better facilitate your admissions process. The accuracy of the following information is very important to us in order to complete your I-20. Please complete and return to the College of Western Idaho with your admission application.

Return to International Student - Apply for Admission

This form is used to communicate with the school you are transferring from to ensure accurate information regarding your I-20.

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Underage Students
CWI recognizes the nationwide movement toward providing underage students of outstanding academic achievement the opportunity to earn college credit and pursue an undergraduate degree. Petitions are evaluated on a case by case basis and are only considered for college level work.

Assessment and Testing

General Information

This document is used by students interested in obtaining Spanish placement. Students may take the Spanish Placement Test at either of CWI's Assessment Services Centers. Please call to schedule an appointment two business days in advance: Nampa Campus Assessment Center 208.562.2440 or Ada County Assessment Center 208.562.2542. Please note: This form will be completed by an Assessment Services employee who will then submit it to One Stop Student Services for processing. Following testing, you will need to complete an Add/Drop form to register for your class. See form above in this list.

Supplemental Class Roster is to be used in conjunction with the Test Proctor Request Form. Faculty may submit a Supplemental Class Roster to request testing for multiple students under the same proctoring guidelines in lieu of submitting multiple TPRFs.  For the convenience of faculty, the Roster has been designed in an Excel format. Please make note in Other Instructions, in the tprf_form.pdf if Supplemental Class Roster is attached.  To ensure that Assessment Services administers the test properly, faculty are asked to supply a current Supplemental Class Roster with each submitted TPRF throughout the semester.  Any TPRF Supplemental Form received without the tprf_form.pdf form will not be accepted.

Financial Aid

"How To" Documentation
This document details the steps to take to add CWI's school code to your FAFSA.