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Requesting Proctoring Services

Faculty can request proctoring services for students in online and hybrid courses, make up exams, students with disability accommodations, outside institutions, and certification exams.

Which exams can the assessment center proctor?

  • Wholly Online Classroom Exams
  • Hybrid Classes
  • PTE TSA exams
  • Make-up Exams

How do I start the process?

Test Proctor Request Form

  1. Fill out a TPRF
    • Download the Test Proctor Request Form (TPRF) from the button above. Be sure to complete the entire form.
    • If the form is incomplete, it will not be processed and this may delay your student’s ability to schedule their exam.
    • You will need a separate TPRF for each type of exam. This means one TPRF for your online class, one for your make-ups and one for your accommodation students.
  2. Attach a roster of students
  3. Provide Assessment with the exam if it is a paper exam
  4. Send all of the information to the assessment center
    • This information needs to be received by assessment at least two business days prior to the exam opening.
  5. Drop off the materials at either assessment center or through email at [email protected]
    • The subject line should read TPRF, Course and then Exam
    • If the exam is a makeup or accommodation for one student, please put the name of the student and type of exam in the subject field.
      • Examples: TPRF Math 108 Exam 2, TPRF John Smith Math 108 Exam 2 Accommodation, TPRF Math 108 Exam 2 Makeup
  6. To update information on the TPRF, Please attach the Original TPRF to the email and put “Change” in the subject line. In the body of the email please detail the changes.
  7. Materials will be returned as requested upon completion of your exam.
    • If it is a make-up exam, for only a few students, we will send the material back as the students finish through preferred method listed on the form.
    • If an entire class is completing the exam, we will send the material back on Friday, at close of business, or on the day the exam closes.
    • If you select mail stop for the method of return, please allow 2-3 days to receive the materials.

If you have any questions while completing the form, please contact either assessment center at 208-562-2440 (Nampa Micron PTE) or 208-562-2542 (Ada County Campus).


Students with Accommodations

If you have a student needing Disability Accommodations, please visit the Disability Services page. You will need to fill out an Accessibility Testing Accommodation Request before your student will be permitted to test with us. All exam information such as allowed materials, time limits, testing dates, return method and hard copy of the test or online password must be sent to us at [email protected] at least 2 days prior to student's testing appointment.


Distance Proctoring

CWI students can take their tests with an approved proctor at non-CWI locations via Distance Proctoring. Students and their chosen proctoring location need to fill out the Distance Proctoring Request Form and submit it to [email protected] for each test they wish to complete at the approved location. Following testing, the proctor must then return the Proctor Verification Form to the CWI Testing & Assessment Center.