CWI Student Disability Services Objectives

At College of Western Idaho (CWI), staff and faculty collaborate to provide resources to support individuals with disabilities. CWI advocates equal academic opportunities to students with disabilities based on the principles of independent living, accessible universal design, and diversity. Our Disabilities Services Office plays an integral role in fulfilling this commitment by coordinating effective academic access support services and collaborating with students, faculty, staff and community to create diverse and inclusive learning environments which are accessible to all.

CWI Student Disability Services Goals

CWI’s Student Disability Services (SDS) goals include:

  • Promote and support progressive system change within the campus community by creating and engaging in open, communicative environments and opportunities.
  • Improve the recruitment, transition, retention and success/graduation of students with disabilities.
  • Ensure the effective delivery of accommodations while minimizing obstacles for students with disabilities.
  • Increase resources, strategies and advising for all, whether or not they qualify for accommodations.
  • Provide opportunities for professional development, personal growth, and staff interaction.
  • Promote awareness among collaborating community agencies, public schools and colleges about social model thinking.

Getting Started With Disability Services Resources

To receive accommodations through Disability Student Services, complete the following steps, in any order:

  • Complete the college admission process and get your CWI student ID number via your acceptance letter.
    • Take the COMPASS Test at one of CWI’s Assessment Centers. There are 3 tests: reading, writing and math. If you will need accommodations for the placement tests, contact Disability Services at least 2-4 weeks prior to scheduling your tests.
  • Once your application and documentation has been received for review, you must schedule an intake appointment with an advisor to discuss your accommodation needs. Appointments may be scheduled through a One Stop Student Services Office.

Determining Eligibility for Accommodations

At the college level, students must take the initiative to contact Disability Student Services and request academic accommodations. The student must provide Disability Student Services with written documentation of a disability from a diagnosing licensed professional. Under state and federal law, individuals are eligible to receive academic adjustments on the basis of disability if they have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity. Where the educational or other functional limitations related to the student’s disability prevents equal access to an academic program, reasonable academic accommodations or adjustments will be provided to the student.

The Disability Services Coordinator, in consultation with the student and other CWI staff as needed, determines DSS program service eligibility and, if deemed qualified as a student with a disability, an accommodations service plan will be formulated to mitigate the effect of the disability and enable participation as provided to others.

For additional information, please refer to CWI’s Policies and Procedures for Requesting Disability Services.