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CWI's 2016 Connections Project Summary

  • 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Two students emceed the event
  • 77 student posters and 30 works of art showcased
  • Six students presented
  • Five former CWI students participated in a panel discussion on “Life after CWI”
  • Two arts organizations presented:
    • Dance Azteca Quetzalcoatl – Celebrating ancestral peoples of Mexico (15 dancers)
    • Global Lounge – Drumming (1 drummer)
  • Key Note Speaker – Luz Camerena, artist, presented on conflict of the human spirit when living in a non-native community
  • CWI President Bert Glandon awarded the Presidential Writing Awards to students
  • Michelle Fellows and Karen Brown presented the Connections Project Awards to CWI students


2016 Connections Project Emcees were:

Hunter Carson:  IDoTeach:  Photosynthesis

Bio: My name is Hunter Carson. I'm a resident of Montana, meaning that the only complaint I have about Idaho is the speed limits. I am graduating this semester with three Associate of Arts degrees in Liberal Arts, Political Science, and History. I am on the competitive speech and debate team, enrolled in the IDoTeach program, and am in two different fraternities including Pi Kappa Delta and Phi Theta Kappa, one of the honors fraternities. I plan on pursuing a master's degree in political science before moving on to law school. Project completed as part of Molly Wolk’s course.

Elizabeth Popp:



Mini-Talks were presented at the 2016 Connections Project by participants including: 

Ollie Shannon - Color and Gender:  A Story of How Language Impacts Culture

Kyra Dorman - Solar Energy:  A Lesson for 8th Graders

Krystal Powell - Inquiry STEM Teaching

Hunter Carson - IDoTeach:  Photosynthesis

Ashley Wyatt - The Birds and the Bees

Robyn Richardson -  Data Results from Connecting with Ideas Courses

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Music and Dance

Music and Dance at the 2016 Connections Project provided by: 

Danza Azteca Quetzalcoatl - Celebrating the ancestral peoples of Mexico.

Global Lounge – Drumming and Capoeira - Promoting diversity and building a stronger community through art, music, dance, friendship and culture!

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions with former CWI Students were presented at the 2016 Connections Project by participants including: 

Mark Galaviz:  Boise State University Master of Arts in Communication

Jessi Jensen:  Boise State University Master of Social Work Program

Phil Nelson:  Boise State University Nursing

Tina Pittman:  Art Instructor at Skyview High School

Rhiannon Trull:  Boise State University Master of Arts in Counseling, School Counseling

Posters and Artwork

Posters and artwork were presented at the 2016 Connections Project by participants including: 

Sura Ali, Jessica Ames, Brenda Anderson, Ryan Blunck, Brandie Austin-Huck, Amy Behner, Stephanie Caddy, Madeline Cardenas, Angel Castro, Megane, Chevarria, Ken Christensen, Caroline Cole, Nikki Collins, Shannon Sharay Collins, Shayne Cluck, Joseph Davidson, Stephanie Fillmore-Valdez, Jackie Fowell, Alison Fuller, Jose Garcia, Shaylynn Giroir, Rafael Gomez, Katie Gonzalez, Ben Guimares, Issra Hamad, Maha Hamad, Van Harper, Sonia Henderson, Nick Hoover, Camri Hughes, Asmaa Ibrahi, Jamie Kingsley, Jessica Lema, Wade Lybbert, Muktar Mberwa, Michael Molnar, Chelle Moore, Jerry Murphy, Luity Mwamba, Cristian Ornelas, Holly Owens, Jacquie Pearson, Azalea Perez, Whitney Pollard, Kate Routledge, Robin Sleight, Kendi Smith, Shannon Strozzi, Tom Thompson, Alex Thurman, Krystena Vierra, Jade Walker, Nikki Wanner, Tricia Williams, Toe Zaw, and the Artwork of Goran Fazil’s students.

CWI Student Work from courses taught by – Karen Brown, Erica Compton, Jenica Draney, Goran Fazil, Nicole Frank, Michelle Fellows, Nikki Gorrell, Teresa Rich, Heather Schoenherr, Andrea Schumaker, Martha Timberlake

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President's Writing Awards

President's Writing Awards were presented at the 2016 Connections Project by participants including: 

The annual awards were established to recognize and honor excellence in student writing at CWI, while celebrating the power of the written word—the beauty and necessity of thoughtful communication. 

 1st Place - Merilee Spath
 2nd Place - Natalie Peterson
 3rd Place - Carley Baeta

 1st Place - Tiffany Erickson
 2nd Place - Tanya Trofimuk
 3rd Place - Candyce Utter

Research Based
 1st Place - Jason Ward
 2nd Place - Sadek Ibrahim
 3rd Place - Michaela Gaffney

Critical Analysis
 1st Place - Baily Hazzard
 2nd Place - Jason Ward
 3rd Place - Forest Gerlach

Creative Nonfiction
 1st Place - Bri Grantham
 2nd Place - Patrick Culver
 3rd Place - Moriah McKay

President's Writing Awards