Here is your Check List for Success. Each one of these steps will help you Navigate as a student at CWI.


1. Check the Academic Calendar for Important Dates.

The calendar can be found online and in the CWI Catalog. It outlines key dates each semester such as:

  • First and last day of registration.
  • Financial aid priority deadline.
  • Financial aid disbursement date(s).
  • Tuition due date.
  • Days campus is closed.

2. Understand and How to Add, Drop, or Withdraw from a Class.

  • Adding: Register for a class during open periods online through
  • Dropping: There is a limited amount of time you will have to drop a course each semester. Dropping clears the course off your official transcript and you will still be eligible for a refund.
  • Withdrawing: After the drop period, you have the option to withdraw from a course. A withdraw is recorded on your transcript, but does not affect your GPA. Withdraws do effect your financial aid. Refunds are not issued for courses during the withdrawal period.
  • Be sure you check the Academic Calendar for the last day to add, drop, or withdraw from a course each semester.

3. Know your CWI ID Number and get an ID Card.

Your CWI ID number was listed on your acceptance letter. Also, once you have registered you can visit One Stop Student Services and get your ID card which will also have your ID number on it.

4. Pick up Your Student ID

After you register for classes, please visit a One Stop Student Services location to get your Student ID. You will use this CWI identification card for various College services, like the library and access to free bus service through Valley Ride.

5. Know your Code

6. Verify your Credit Requirements for Financial Aid.

You do not have to be a full-time student to be eligible for financial aid. There are different levels of eligibility: fulltime (12+ credits), three-quarter time (9-11 credits), and part-time (6-8 credits). Read your financial aid terms and conditions very carefully.

7. Get your Books.

Once you register for courses, you can follow the link on your schedule (myCWI) or go straight to the CWI Bookstore website and look up your courses. Approximately one week prior to courses starting each semester, you can charge your books against your accepted financial aid award.

8. Access your Coursework on Blackboard.

All online courses are accessed through Blackboard. See the Accessing Your Student Accounts section of the manual.

9. Review your To-Do List before Every Semester and School Year.

Each semester:

  • Visit with your advisor
  • Register for courses
  • Fill out your residency affidavit
  • Check your financial aid status
  • Make payment arrangements

Each year:

  • Update your contact information
  • Apply for financial aid (after January 1).